This is something I love to practice! I’ve seen healing in the lives of my clients and I’ve experienced my transformative journey as a recipient of Access Bars®. The reason I became certified in Access Bars® was specifically to share the profound healing and shifts that I had witnessed in my own life.

bars pointsWhat is Access Bars®

Access Bars® is an energy healing modality that can facilitate change and transformation in your life as well as relieve stress, quieten the noise in your head, increase a sense of peace, allow you to be less reactive and create more restful and deep sleep.

Access Bars® are a series of 32 points (or “bars”) on your head that when gently touched, release old energies stuck in the brain and the body allowing for immense change.

What does a Bars session look like? 

A Bars session is quite similar to a Reiki session. Typically it will last between 45 and 60 minutes. The client (you) will lay fully clothed on the table and receive the Bars treatment or have your Bars “run”. Unlike Reiki, only your head will be touched. During the session we can talk, or you can float into ultimate relaxation, that is up to you. Immediately after the session there will be a 10 minute debriefing to discuss what came up for each person.

After our session you may notice that things may not upset you as much as they did previously, or the way you respond to situations could be different, you may even be more aware of the amazing energy you have within you (that always happens for me). At the very least you will will feel relaxed as if you’ve just had a great massage.

Before your session:

It’s best that you are hydrated, drink lots of water before and after your session. It’s also suggested that you take a moment to set an intention for what you would like to work on or receive. Always bring an open mind. The more you are open and detached from any outcomes, the more possibilities there are for your healing journey.

bars sessionAfter your session:

Listen to your body. Rest if you need rest, take a bath or find another form of self care to apply. Take the time to connect to your body and listen to what it needs. Sometimes you’ll find yourself craving salt or sugar after your Bars have been run, this is normal.

How often can you have your Bars run? 

You may have as many Bars sessions as you like. There are no side effects nor is there a downside or to having your Bars run. It’s a great way to feel immediate relaxation and usually within 3-4 weeks you’ll notice changes in the way you think.

If you are new to Access Bars, I recommend having a session a week for 3 to 4 weeks (when purchasing 3 sessions together, you receive a 10% discount, click here for more) After that, it is up to you. I have seen clients multiple times a week especially during times of stress, I have seen clients once a month. How often you have your Bars run is up to you.

For me, Access Bars allowed me to tap in to the energies around me. It enabled me to connect more deeply. It also gave me access to another way, a less reactionary way of being. I would recommend it to anyone!

What is the cost for a session?

Energy therapy sessions are an investment in yourself. Each individual session is $90. Payments can be made via email-transfer (preferable) to with a separate email to the same address providing the password. I also accept cash or cheque made out to Clare Kenty. It is best that the payment be taken care of before or at the beginning of the session, this is to make sure that there is no interruption during the session or the debriefing after.

Sessions are available for purchase in 1, 3 and 6. To purchase your sessions, click here.

To schedule an Access Bars® session, connect with me via email or phone at 647-227-1249.





Take a closer look at Access Bars®

Access Bars® is a healing modality founded by Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness®.

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