Is it really possible to receive Reiki from a distance? Would that even work?

In short, YES!

At level two, Reiki practitioners learn and receive a symbol that allows us to move through time and space. In person, this symbol can move energy blockages from the past. Via distance, using this symbol grants me the capability to transmit life force energy to you. The same way I do in an in-person Reiki session.


That sounds awesome! How do you do it?

Reiki practitioners channel life force energy into the client they’re working with. They do this through symbols, mantras and hand positions. Practitioners that have received their second degree (level) Reiki are able to use a symbol that moves through time and space.

Think of prayer. When we pray for others, we imagine love and energy being sent to them, wherever they are. Distance Reiki is pretty much the same thing. Rather than channel life force energy or “Ki” into the client in front of me, I send the energy to the person where ever they are.

In my practice, (of course this is different from practitioner to practitioner) I use meditation, healing crystals and an image of the client. While I am in deep meditation, I visualize a Reiki session with the client. I send Universal Life Force Energy throughout the session, the same as I do with in-person clients. It pretty much the same for me whether it is in person or via distance.


Distance ReikiWhat do I need to do during the session?

Truth be told, you don’t need to do anything. Ideally, I ask for clients to take an hour for themselves to meditate. to lie down in a peaceful place and relax, connect to source and be for an hour. For Reiki to be effective, you don’t need to be doing anything in particular. You can be at work, at home, you can be busy or carefree. Reiki always does what it needs to and goes where it needs to go.

I like to ask clients to take an hour for themselves because we don’t always give that to ourselves. And who doesn’t enjoy an hour of relaxation.


How do we set up a Distance Reiki session?

Connect with me, we’ll set up a time and we’ll go from there!


What’s the investment?

I charge the same as an in-person Reiki session, for the session and notes after, I charge $90 (CAD) to be sent via email transfer or Paypal to info@clarekenty.ca.


I’m not ready, can we chat first?

Of course! I offer a complimentary 20 minute call on the phone or via Skype to all new clients. While we’re getting ready for our call, head on over to MindBodyGreen to read about Distance Reiki from another practitioner.


What happens after a Distance Reiki session?

As I mentioned above, after your session I send you notes on what I picked up on during the session along with any resources that may help you on your healing journey. If you feel that you want to talk about things that came up in your session, I offer 20 minute calls, or communication via email at no extra charge.

Ready to get started? Connect with me to schedule your session!



As a Reiki Master, I have learned, received and been attuned to the first, second and master degrees of Reiki.




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