The Healing Journey: Zarina Chopra

The Healing Journey


The Healing Journey is a series born out of the reality that we all have our own path to healing. When we share our journey two things tend to happen, we often find freedom in sharing our stories and we always inspire others. There is power in speaking up and it is time to tap into that power.

The mission of The Healing Journey is to provide a platform for women to connect, inspire one another and empower each other. Together we will stimulate conversation, create awareness, healing and stand together knowing that each and every one of us are unique, gifted and powerful.


This woman is a powerhouse and I’m so very excited to share her Healing Journey. Entrepreneur and Coach Zarina Chopra shares her empowering story. From government housing to difficult choices to self love and womb healing. Zarina is an inspiration to us all. I am so pleased to introduce you to


Zarina Chopra


Zarina Chopra - Healing JourneyFor those who don’t know you, what is your story?

I grew up in government housing with my mom, two brothers and my step father. I didn’t know where my father was and only knew what he looked like from pictures. I remember a fun filled, loving childhood with my family. As a teenager I noticed my mom was like my friend, I could tell her anything and I could persuade her to see my view points.

At a young age, my mom revealed she was sexually abused by her father from age 5-18yrs old. She would cry often and explain stories from her abuse. She would have flashbacks and nightmares and breakdown into tears.

Over the years I became her confidante and support through any tough times. I wanted to see her happy and smiling again like I remembered from childhood and I would do anything to have that once again.  During high school I was bullied and ended up transferring schools twice due to the terrible conditions. My self esteem was diminished, I just wanted to get my high school credits and get out so I did. I was near the end of high school when I realized I hadn’t seen my mother smile in years, she was depressed. I started having long conversations with her about self worth and self love, trying to get her to do things she loved to do, like bike riding. She was slowly realizing that maybe my stepfather wasn’t good for her and began confronting him.

A few months later she was pregnant. I was so excited because I always prayed for a sister however the financial concerns took me and my brothers over as we realized we were still living in government housing and my mom was now on welfare. The family finances were always in the back of my mind.


Zarina Chopra - Healing JourneyHow did such a relationship with your mother shape you?

My mother and I have a special bond – we hold each other wherever we are and love each other no matter what. I learned to be a nurturer very young and to empower people to see themselves in the best light even when we don’t feel worthy. Our relationship shaped me to be giving of myself and always consider the stories of others when meeting them.

Think about what it takes for a human being to show up the way they do for us in life. For my mom it took something powerful for her to show up as a loving mother. She had to fight for it – so I am a natural fighter. I am also always financially planning. We’re like sisters, and at times it was hard but it taught me to keep my dream at the forefront of my mind and to walk through walls to make it happen.


Move walls, make it happen.


Do you think you used sex as a coping mechanism? How so?

I absolutely did when I was a teenager, I was so confused and lost about my life I looked to men to fill my self love cup. I confused love with sex constantly and loved the attention – this was directly after being bullied in high school.


During our conversations, you mentioned having 2 abortions, one at 17 and one at 30. Would you share the stories behind them? How were they different from one another?

The first abortion at 17 seemed like a simple decision. I was not going to have a baby if my finances were not in order and my boyfriend at the time had no real ambitions . I decided very young that I wouldn’t bring a child into this world if I could not financially afford to. Like the decision was simple . The experience was simple. They asked me a lot of questions and then put me to sleep. I awoke drugged up and was wheeled out of the hospital. I remember feeling sad when seeing babies and a knowing that it wasn’t my time to give birth yet.

Zarina Chopra - Healing JourneyThe more recent abortion was the hardest decision of my life. I felt happy and allowed myself to dream of having the child and what life would be like, however I was physically not able to handle the pregnancy. My body was being depleted, my head hurt, I was so weak and dizzy whenever I stood up to the point of being bed ridden. It was so early in the pregnancy, I could only see it getting worse. My boyfriend and I had to also look at our finances and since he was new to Canada with dreams at the time of opening his own business we couldn’t see how we could be financially stable to take care of an infant.

I made myself wrong in so many ways and felt attached to my womb and completely torn between my commitment to bringing a life into a financially stable world and my desire to nurture and love a life that was created by my body. I would hold my womb lovingly as if the love I was sending it could be understood. Leading up to the abortion there were days of crying and emotional breakdowns and concern that I would never be able to physically carry. Was it for me?

After the abortion my womb felt hollow, she was screaming from pain every day. I forgot what it felt like to feel normal in my womb. It had been so long. Now, Im taking care of my womb and body to replenish anything physically and emotionally depleted.


What experiences in your life have been catalysts of change for you? How have you changed?

Finally deciding to stop hiding in the shadows of my life, I left my ex husband to unveil the real passionate Zarina I once knew. The choice to leave and actually leaving gave me access to a personal power that has catapulted me into the direction of my talents, passions and love for life. I’m so grateful to my past self that refused to settle for less than I’m worth!




You discovered womb healing fairly recently, what drew you to this type of healing?

After the recent abortion, my emotions have been wild introspectively and around the idea of a family. There is pain there and judgment. I met two beautiful women within months of each other both speaking about their business of womb healing. I knew it was my higher self calling me to take action. To inquire and learn and to begin my journey of womb healing.


zarina-familyWould you say you have a relationship with your womb? If she could speak, what would she say?

Yes, she would say ” Zarina, you take care of everything else but me – I AM your future. Love me.”


How did you go about healing yourself and your relationship with your mother?

I began to see myself as her growing up. I imagined the pain and suffering I would feel growing up as my mother. Who I would be if  I was her. It was an empathetic practice allowing me to see her as a child. My inner child and her inner child became friends and I could not judge her any longer. I began to see her in the light of full realization as if she had completed her life’s work and is living her glory now. The words I chose and the way we spoke began to shift. Our relationship is flourishing into something beautiful that any daughter/mother only dreams of.


Allow everything


What is your message for anyone in the midst of or about to enter their healing journey?

Allow it. Allow everything. Let it pass through you and don’t judge it, or yourself. We all have light and darkness. Truly loving and accepting both is the catalyst for healing.
Do you have any messages for anyone reading this post?

I am constantly going through this cycle – learn. practice. repeat. Life is a beautiful canvas and we get to choose what it looks like. We don’t choose the circumstances of our own birth, however we do choose the creative power we bring to those circumstances allowing everyone and everything to be the way it is – while working on our own inner masterpiece.


Beautiful canvas


Thank you Zarina for sharing your powerful and inspiring story. The more Healing Journeys we share, the closer our community becomes. None of us are alone. We all have a path and we all have a place here, in this universe. It has been an honour Zarina, to share your story.


To connect with Zarina or find out more about the amazing work she does, find her in her Facebook Group Taboo Talks. The Taboo Talks website or Love Magnets.


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