I am so grateful to be able to facilitate change and healing in the way I do. I am both humbled and honoured that my clients share such sacred pieces of themselves with me. The work we do requires vulnerability and openness that is not always easy to do, especially when faced with challenges.

These are words of love from some of beautiful souls I’ve worked with.





Thank you for creating a space for me to be free, without judgement so I can honour myself and grow. Give thanks for your love and positivity.

– Que Kirk



Thank you for the wonderful experience! I loved the women who gathered, and the information you gave us. I feel empowered to be authentically myself because I know there are woman circles who love and support me. Much appreciated! This type of gathering is vital in our earth experience.

– Olivia Bloom



Thank you for creating such a warm, judgement free space for sharing. You are great.  I look forward to our next encounter.

– A. Sewel



Wonderful workshops, thank you for the safe space. I so enjoy the company of women and we need more events like this so thank you!

– Teisha



Go see Clare Kenty, she will change you in such a fundamental way, you won’t even realize she is here to express your life’s work.

– Nicole Angela. Doula and Healer.



Clare is a breath of fresh air and flowers! Her positive energy and genuine care makes you feel safe, cozy, and loved. I really appreciated talking to someone who tells things to you as they are, no beating around the bush. I have talked to therapists in the past who tend to do this and I really appreciated Clare’s way of getting past that right away and focusing hard on the matter at hand. I would recommend Clare to anyone who is looking for clarity, who is stuck in their ways and not sure why they are not able to get out. Anyone who is confused or feeling trapped in any way. Clare is passionate about what she does, and genuinely cares about helping others. I always felt very comfortable talking to her right from the beginning. She’s a wonderful spirit.

– Lauren. Performing Artist.



Clare is a truly beautiful soul. Her love and light radiate. She is like a beacon of light wherever she goes. She has cultivated a deep knowledge of women’s health, womb healing and how these things are deeply connected to spiritual health. She is committed to helping women heal. The thing that most impresses me about Clare and all of her work, is the non-judgmental and welcoming spirit she embodies. She meets all of her clients where they are without projecting judgement. I have learned a great deal from Clare over the years and she never ceases to amaze me. To work with Clare is to truly have your own personal cheerleader. She is a constant source of positive energy, love and hopefulness. I highly recommend that you consider working with Clare. I imagine that you will gain far more than you expect.  I wish you all the best on your journey and I have the utmost faith that Clare will help you as you find your way.

– Derrika Hunt, Educator, Poet, Doctoral Candidate, MSW



Clare Kenty is a deeply intuitive person. Whether working with individual clients or in a group setting, she brings a holistic approach to wellness. Our relationship began as a professional one and grew into a personal one as well. Clare does not seem to differentiate between the two. She is as fully present in her work as in her relationships. Both a student and a teacher, Clare’s understanding of the many workings that relate to a person’s health and happiness is informed by years of study and practice. This practice seems to have heightened her self-awareness which now lends to her mindful coaching. She is a focused healer with a sense of humor that puts strangers at ease and that reflects empathy and compassion.

– Erica Ruth Kelly, Writer, Editor, Researcher



Clare, I love your energy and passion for the work that you do. You are engaged and tuned into your clients. I discovered so much about myself during the program. I learned a wealth of information about food and I found balance in my life again. I enjoy life way more than I used to and I have you to thank for that!

– Rebecca Walsh



Clare Kenty is an educator and a learner. At Literature for Life, we hired Clare to deliver our food literacy curriculum to a group of teen moms. The balance of food and literature couples with the tough environment required a malleable teacher and a lifelong learner. Clare embodies both of these characteristics and more. She is a natural healer always seeking to impart information that can be self-actualized. She is selfless, nonjudgmental and open-hearted. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance, support or simply a listening ear.

– Tenielle Warren, Educator, Playwright, Co-Founder of Life In Homemade







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