Currently there are three programs to choose from. I am constantly working to evolve my programs and bring you something new, something challenging and something that will create deep change in your life.



nutritional support
Nutritional Support is health coaching at its best. If you have struggled with finding balance in your life and are searching for foods that are right for you then this is the program. Over the course of the program we explore dietary theories and dig deep into your relationship with food to find what is right for you. There is no one diet or way of eating for everyone and in our time together we will find what works for you. Read more…





Womb Wellness


The Womb Wellness Program is one that is close to my heart and was born from my own journey to womb wellness. This is a program that combines health coaching with Reiki to support the client through the 6 month program and the process of releasing, restoring and healing. Read more… 




payments and fees - energy therapy



While Energy Therapy is not a program per say, it can be used weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to support you in your life and the changes that come with it. The energy therapies offered are Reiki and Access Bars, both are energy healing modalities that provide healing and support the client in their own right. Read more… 





All programs are individual. While these offer a guide to what is in each program, each program is built around the client and their needs. There is no one shoe (or healing method) that fits everyone, this I know and therefore I make it a point to tailor each program to the client. Please connect with me if you have any questions.


Connect with me to schedule a consultation (at no cost) to see which program is right for you. Connect via email, phone or through the website.


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