Retrograde + Reiki = Expansion

August is a deeply potent month.


There is a lot happening around us that is offering the opportunity to dig deep and create epic change in our lives.


Not only is this month eclipse season with a lunar eclipse on August 7th and a solar eclipse on August 21st, we will also witness the 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the year starting August 12th until September 5th.


RetrogradeWe are all influenced by Mercury when it’s in retrograde. Mercury rules all things communication. It also rules travel and when Mercury is in retrograde (appearing to be moving backwards through the zodiac) it is commonly associated with miscommunication, confusion, delays and plenty of frustration.


Though the Mercury Retrograde is known and even blamed for things going topsy turvy, it’s actually a powerful time to reflect and reevaluate.


This particular Mercury Retrograde offers an opportunity to dig deep and create substantial transformation. The retrograde coupled with eclipse season is all about exploration, release, breakthrough and expansion.


Instead of dreading the upcoming retrograde, what if we chose to work with this potent planetary action? What if we chose to use this opportunity to release what’s no longer serving us and breakthrough what’s holding us back?


Enter the Retrograde + Reiki = Expansion package. This combination of Reiki and reflection through coaching supports you getting the most out of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde.




In this Retrograde package you receive;

  • Reiki to clear energetic blockages, release emotional tension, offer clarity, a sense of peace and support your intentions.
  • Coaching to support you as you dig deep and do your work.
  • A half hour phone consultation for us to connect before we begin our sessions.
  • Resources to inspire you to reflect on what is and reevaluate what might not be working for you any more.
  • Email support outside of our sessions. You are not in this alone. I will support you throughout this process.


What does all of this look like?

We will begin by connecting for a 30 minute consultation by phone to connect and schedule your 3 sessions. Between August 7th and September 15th we will meet for three 90-minute sessions either in person or via Skype. The sessions will consist of Reiki (distance Reiki for those not able to meet in person) and coaching. Between our sessions you will receive resources and any email support you need.


What’s the investment?

The Retrograde+Reiki=Expansion package is available for $260 and includes everything mentioned above. Payments are made by Paypal or email transfer to Once your investment has been received, we will schedule our 30 minute consultation and get down to work. This program is truly a catalyst for change. Are you ready?


Let’s get started.


Need more information? Connect with me or check out these awesome resources and see what others are saying about this explorative and expansive month.

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