Womb Wellness 101: FAQs


Have a question about the Womb Wellness 101 workshops? Like why I require payment and registration in advance? Or what to wear or what to bring? Read the FAQs below. Don’t find the answer you’re looking for? Connect with me and send an email.



Why am I asked to pay before I attend the workshop?

I have facilitated events where payment is accepted on the day and I have facilitated events where payment is taken care of before the event. I found that not having to be concerned with receiving payments at the beginning of the workshop allows me to be totally present from beginning to end. Having the financial aspect taken care of beforehand gets rid of a distraction and instead of asking another person to help, everyone is free to get comfortable and acquainted and I am able to be present and focused on delivering the best workshop I can.

There are also resources that are made for you before hand. Having registration and payment taken care of in advance gives me an accurate number of attendees which then allows me to have the right number of workbooks, not too many (waste of trees) and not too few (they’re not made for sharing).

I do however understand that sometimes it may not be possible to take care of the payment before the workshop, in that case please connect with me and let me know prior. I am also working towards making a few spots available for those who are not able to pay the cover, you are always welcome to ask if these spots are available as it is important to me to make the workshop available to all those who are called to come.


What if I pay and can’t attend?

I do not offer refunds on the Womb Wellness 101 Workshops, however, if requested to do so, I will place you on the participant list for the next workshop if you are able to attend.


What should I bring? 

Something to write with, something to write on like a journal or notepad and water to keep you hydrated. I do give workbooks to go along with the workshop so you leave with all of the information we cover, the notepad is just for you.

In previous workshops participants have brought chocolate or tea to share with the group and that is always welcomed.


What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Typically, we sit for the duration of the workshop. There may be exercises in the workshop where we will be laying or standing.

The SheCoSystem space can be a little cold during the winter. It is a good idea to wear layers to prevent you from being cold. Of course I will do my best to make sure the space is warm and cosy.


Can I share the event with friends? 

Of course! Please do! If there is a sister you feel would enjoy the Womb Wellness 101 Workshops, please share. All of those with wombs are welcome.


Is there a significance to the dates?

Yes there is! Each workshop date is scheduled closest to the Waning Moon. The Waning Moon is between the Full and the New Moon and is a great time to reflect, correct, remove obstacles and re-evaluate. The Waning Moon is a contemplative time of introspection, looking at what is no longer serving you and releasing. It is a time to rid yourself of negative habits or thoughts so that you can focus on your highest good, taking responsibility and creating space for the creativity and growth to come with the New Moon. It’s a perfect time to work within, to connect to the wombspace, to release, restore and think about new intentions for the New Moon.



Where can I connect with the Womb Wellness 101 community?

Excellent question! We connect, empower and share over in the Womb Wellness 101 Facebook Group. It’s a closed group (in part what makes this group a safe space where we can be ourselves) so just ask to join and I’ll approve you.


What if I have another question?

Are there FAQs I haven’t answered? Connect with me! I usually respond within 24 hours. Email works best.


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Sending so much love,

C. xoxo





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