Floral Womb

Floral Uterus by Camila Carlow

Womb wellness can be defined as many different things.

Simply put, Womb Wellness is the art of celebrating the limitless power of the womb. To define it further, we need to start at the beginning.

What is the womb? Anatomically, the womb is the organ in the lower body of a woman or female mammal where offspring are conceived and in which they gestate before birth (thanks Google!).

In our society, we rarely think of our womb in any other terms than it being a necessary organ for childbearing. Yet if we look into the traditions of different cultures around the world, women were worshiped. Sometimes we would even be at the top of the social hierarchy. The womb was considered infinite in it’s power. The womb is the giver of life.

The womb space is a place of power, the centre of creation – not just in the sense of creating future generations but our ideas, our passions and our wisdom. Our wombspace connects us to our ancestors and our future generations.

In our society we often look at our womb cycle as inconvenient. We reroute our cycles with pills and patches. We limit our flow and silence the voice of our wombs with chemicals. Our cycle is not celebrated, it’s an annoyance.

What was once something rituals were based upon is now a disruption of life and it’s making us sick. We are out of touch with our bodies and as a result many of us are seeing physical symptoms or feeling that there is something missing from our lives. Rather than look within we are taught to look outside of ourselves, searching for the missing link that is deep, deep within us.

Womb wellness is creating a path back to self. By celebrating the Divine Feminine (and the Divine Masculine), by choosing to connect to our hearts and our wombs, by delving deep within we are liberating ourselves.


We are infinitely powerful beings.


When we say yes to the journey inwards, when we choose ourselves and when we embrace healing, we ignite the power,  we ignite the passion and we uncover the wisdom we carry within.


Womb wellness is honouring ourselves and our bodies. We are sacred.
Womb wellness is eating for health and healing
Womb wellness is allowing the flow of energy
Womb wellness is listening to our intuition
Womb wellness is honouring our divinity
Womb wellness is standing in our power
Womb wellness is receiving our truth
Womb wellness is healing our past
Womb wellness is healing circles
Womb wellness is celebration
Womb wellness is connection
Womb wellness is creativity
Womb wellness is sharing
Womb wellness is dance

Womb wellness is being, giving and receiving love

When we heal, the world heals.

To support you in your journey to womb wellness, I offer a Womb Wellness Program and a workshop series Womb Wellness 101.

In understanding that not all who have wombs identify as women, I encourage all those who have wombspaces to celebrate their space and heal.


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