After almost 5 years off of meat, I’m now indulging in red meat again and you know, it doesn’t feel like I thought it would. It doesn’t feel heavy, it doesn’t make me feel lethargic or ill like it used to, I actually feel more energetic. Sometimes a certain diet works for us for a certain period of time. We are forever changing and often our diets need to reflect that. For me, this means I had to let go of the judgments I had gathered about what it meant to eat meat again and do what my body needed rather than what I thought it should need. Letting go of the judgment has to be the best part!! Thank you to @foodtakesflight for the delicious locally sourced beef bulgogi burger with kimchi, salad and Japanese style fried chicken. Yup, totally indulged at the Wind Up Bird Cafe today with Literature For Life.
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