Something about me, I love, love, love contraptions and I love making things even more. This project began while researching herbal parasite cleanses, the herbal pills were fairly expensive so I began to look into making my own. I bought a capsule machine and some empty capsules. I haven’t bought the herbs for the cleanse yet but I tried it using some spirulina I have and my goodness is it ever fun and simple!! It’s not like spirulina is great tasting either so I’m super happy to be able to take it without tasting it! It is a little time consuming but it’ll get faster as I get more experienced and the machine makes 24 capsules at a time. I’m on my way to making my own herbal supplements!!!! A great plus for making your own is that you get to choose exactly what herb/supplement you want without the fillers or other crap. You can choose vegan or gelatin capsules, your own organic herbs, and you can save a ton of money since the capsules are fairly inexpensive, and the machine is about 20 bucks! Give it a few months and I’ll be making my own everything!!!! #excited #makeyourown #herbal #supplements #health #wellness #spirulina #organic #yay

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