My standard base for smoothies as of this week. It all started with making smoothies for my love because he gets up at the crack of dawn and it’s one of the ways to get gazillions of good stuff into his tummy. Since we are taking the spirulina caps, we don’t have to add that to the mix any more.
Within a week of having one of these every morning, I’ve noticed that I have more energy, I can finish my workouts without wanting to keel over, I’m not so hungry and my digestive system appears to be really happy.
I have here coconut oil to keep my energy high and help me burn extra fat in my workouts (it’s got a ton of great properties); hemp seeds for the vitamin E, energy, improved digestion, omega 3 and protein; ground flax for the fiber, B1, manganese and great digestion, ground chia because it’s uber high in calcium, manganese, omega 3’s, phosphorus and magnesium; camu camu because of its ridiculously high vitamin C content, boosting my immune system as the seasons switch over; ashwagandha, which is considered to be the ginseng of Ayurvedic medicine, helps boost the immune system, lessens stress, offers anti inflammatory properties and a whole list of others too long for this post; maca for its hormone balancing, calcium, iron, magnesium, fertility boosting magic and essential fatty acids; and last but not least a massive bag of frozen fruit. I pick and choose different combinations, today was peach and mango, when lots of fruit is in season I use fresh but having this in the freezer makes life easier and there’s no need for ice… Also, I added a scoop of whey and a banana, water and a splash of almond milk. I’d say that covers it! All I need now are some greens!! #health #wellness #nutrients #nutrition #smoothie #workout #fuel #brainfood #fruit #mylk #chia #flax #hemp #maca #camucamu #ashwagandha #coconut #getinmybelly #instafood #instagood #supplements

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