This is how I feel on this rainy Monday morning. I am breaking through yet another layer and stepping into a new, more evolved version of myself. Sometimes this is done with peace and ease like calm water on a sunny day and sometimes it is painful and emotional like a physical breaking of self, or waves thrashing up against me, beating layers of self away.
Life is very much an ebb and flow. Being conscious throughout allows us to go deeper into ourselves when feelings arise. This past week (let’s call it the product of an intense mercury retrograde) a part of me resurfaced that I wasn’t even aware of. I thought I had faced that part of myself… There is always more healing to do, more understanding to be had. With it, it brought a deep need for healing. Instead of running away I am diving deeper into myself to do the work I didn’t do a decade ago. This type of work may feel painful at times, it may even be scary to go there but it’s so worth it. Our capabilities are limitless. Our strength, our love and our light are never ending. We can and we will cone through the other side and when we know this, true healing can take place.
In order to grow and evolve into our best selves, our most authentic selves, the work must be done. We are worthy of our best lives, and it’s there for the taking.
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