On the 18th of December 2010 I participated in a poetry show for expats in Seoul, South Korea. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing my little black dress on the journey there so I got changed in a teeny tiny washroom around the corner of the venue. As I was walking around the corner on my way into the bar I bumped into a rather dashing man under a lamppost outside of the bar. “Pardon me” he said smiling, “Pardon me” I said as we walked past one another, still smiling, still watching one another. I returned to the bar and was amazed when the man I’d met outside stepped up to the mic to offer his poetry… … #ourstory #couldnthavemadeitup #love #sparksflew #weddinganniversary #paperannuversary #herestomanymoreyears #weddingshoes #itsouranniversary

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