#tbt to 364 days ago. This time last year I was running around Ottawa getting all of my last minute bits done before this day. A year tomorrow.
You know the best part about getting #married? The fact that everyone is there to #celebrate #love. It’s amazing, it’s the only time I’ve been so aware of the potential of our energy and power when we come together. Don’t get me wrong, marrying my best friend and sharing our love with #family and #friends was #amazing and it was part of what made it the best day ever but having many of our most cherished people around us being pure love was absolute #joy. Doesn’t happen often enough.
Anyway, here’s to being #love, here’s to #celebration, here’s to #healing (our wedding was by far the most healing experience I’ve shared with others), here’s to coming #together, here’s to doing what your heart tells you to, here’s to love.
Sidenote; since tomorrow is our 1 year #anniversary, the next 48 hours will be me posting my favourite buts of the the day I #married one of the best human beings on the planet.

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