20 Questions For 2020


20 Questions, first answer that comes. go!

Word for 2020? Sustainability.

Astrology? Aquarius Sun, Virgo Rising, Taurus Moon.

First Reiki Experience? In my level one Reiki class as we were practicing on one another. I was receiving messages from guides and all sorts. I felt like I was thrown in the deep end. It was a really profound experience.

Favourite Book? Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Favourite Thing About Reiki? It's the magic I believed in as a child.

Where's Home? London, UK. Toronto, and also New Zealand.

Favourite Reiki Meditation? Gassho Meiso - translates to "The Gassho Meditation". Gassho means to bring the hands together. It's a simple and very powerful meditation that reminds us of our magic.

Morning Ritual? Lots of water. Cat cuddles. Stretching. Meditation. Sometimes a little work.

Favourite Reiki Book? At the moment, The Spirit Of Reiki by Walter Lübeck, Frank Arjava Petter and William Lee Rand

What's Your Teaching Style? Open and loving. Nonjudgmental. Passionate and present. Experiential.

Do You Have A Non-Negotiable? Taking the time and space to process and making time for my loves.

Favourite Thing That Compliments Reiki? The infra-red sauna. It's part self care, part health related and gives me time to meditate and practice self Reiki. If you're in Parkdale or Queen West, I recommend The Well of Alternative Medicine.

Favourite Toronto Restaurant? Mother India in Parkdale or Aloette if I'm feeling fancy.

Favourite Books For Healing? My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menakem, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown and The Power of Breathwork by Jennifer Patterson.


Biggest Catalyst? A break-up back in 2009 from a very toxic relationship. My father's death too, that changed everything.

Distance Reiki or In-Person Reiki? Distance Reiki. It's playing in the ether that I find most fun. There's nothing like in person hugs with clients though lol.

Favourite Place on Earth? The land of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Chefchaouen, Morocco and Spirit Bay in New Zealand.

Favourite Podcast? The Good Ancestor Podcast and Under The Skin with Russell Brand

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone? RuPaul, my Dad or Maya Angelou.

Biggest Inspiration? So many! Cycles, Gaia, all that is, Source, nature, my Mum, the evolution and the collective healing of the planet and all who live here?! Life itself? All that we are.

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