4 Ingredient Super-Chocolate

I’d like to describe myself as a chocolate connoisseur. I absolutely love chocolate and the darker the better. I’ve recently been eating chocolate at various times of the month to see if my body reacts differently when I eat this chocolate and I’m pleased to say that I had less cramps at lady time and generally less discomfort when I eat lots of chocolate. As if I need any more reasons, there are already tons of benefits.

This recipe is amazing. It’s quick and it’s so easy. It literally takes less time than it does for me to get dressed, pop to the local health store, come home and eat some chocolate. Yep. 4 ingredients. All organic. All good for you. No sugar – it really doesn’t need it. All vegan. Yes, this chocolate is amazing.

You pretty much need equal parts of oil/butter, raw cacao and berries (or nuts or whatever else tickles your fancy).


6 tbsp of organic raw cacao
3 tbsp of cold pressed coconut oil
3 tbsp of organic cacao butter (melted)
6 tbsp of dried goji berries

Directions (5 mins prep and 15 mins to set)

If the coconut oil and cacao butter are not already liquid then melt them in a double boiler (heat a pan of water and place the oil/butter in a bowl on top of the pan and melt). When liquid mix all ingredients until well blended and there are no lumps.

Line a tupperware dish with waxed paper and pour the chocolate liquid into the lined container. Place in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Once the chocolate has set it’s ready for you to eat. It melts quickly so be aware of that. You can always switch up the goji berries for nuts, other fruit, or whatever you fancy. If you have more of a sweet tooth, one or two tablespoons of honey or maple syrup will sweeten it right up for you.

Let me know what your favourite combinations are in the comments below.


Sending oodles of love and light beautiful chocolate lovers!

C. xoxo

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