Juice. Pre-juicer.
Green apple. Kiwi. Ginger. Turmeric.

It’s all about not getting sick as the temperature fluctuates its way back to spring and summer. Ginger is awesome! I do shots of the stuff occasionally! It’s a fabulous booster for the immune system, a great aid to the digestive system, a wonderful anti-inflammatory and even does wonders for morning sickness! Turmeric is also up there in superpowers! Let’s start off with it’s antioxidant properties. Not only does turmeric work on it’s own, it helps you to work too! It aids in brain function, who doesn’t need a little more brain function?! It’s also an amazing anti-inflammatory which doesn’t just sound awesome, it can help with inflammatory disorders too.
Not only getting fresh, delicious juice in ma body, I’m getting all that good stuff too! Sprinkle a little bit of black pepper (aids the absorbtion of turmeric) and you’re on your way for the day!! #springdetoxherewecome #ajuiceadaykeepssicknessatbay #getinmabody #projectlovemybody #healthygut #healingisthewayforward #antioxidant #antiinflammatory

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