Inner Work Simplified

Simple and practical steps to help you to do your work.

Clare Kenty, Holistic Practitioner

I am an Intuitive Catalyst.

My purpose is to bring about change and growth through healing. I combine coaching and Reiki to hold space for clients as they do their work. Together we work towards clearing and releasing what no longer serves so they are able to expand and welcome more of what’s in alignment with their highest good.

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Reiki Support

Reiki Level 2 - coming in October.

I’m so excited to be offering my Reiki Level 2 course on October 27th, 2018. This class covers the elements of level 2 and includes 7 hours in class, hands on practice, all materials and a built in component on caring for our own emotions and healing our wounds.

Students also receive a 90 minute one on one Reiki session with me!

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