It is a New Year, we are in the thick of winter. This season ushers us to go within and reflect. Tis the season of the shadow, the season of darkness and there is so much to learn here. As the wild woman within me continues to prise me open […]

When Shadow Goddesses Visit

Reiki Practice
When I think about my healing journey and the impact my Reiki practice has had, I’m both amazed and filled with gratitude. There are four things that have changed along my journey. Reiki has… catapulted how I care for myself and deepened my self care practice drastically increased my sensitivity […]

My Personal Reiki Practice

Importance of Practice
The holidays and the New Year have always been a pretty reflective time for me. Yes, the end of the year marks reflection upon what was and hopes for what will be, but it’s mainly because for me, it marks the countdown to my birthday and my own, personal new […]

Holiday lessons & the importance of practice

Sunset Grief
Today marks three months since my Dad passed. There have been so many lessons in my grief, so many revelations and truths. These are but a few of them.   Instagram is the snowflake on the tip of the iceberg What I’ve posted on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t even begin […]

Lessons in Grief and Loss

anxiety image
Anxiety is something I’ve had since my teens. I remember worrying a lot in my childhood but exploring my anxiety during therapy revealed that being bullied in my first two years of high school coincide with the first times I experienced anxiety symptoms.   Anxiety is something people don’t always […]

Meet My Friend, Anxiety

May I share a confession? I eat a variety of foods that you don’t always see on my instagram feed. Foods like bacon, meatballs and burgers. Once upon a time I was vegan, before that, vegetarian but things changed and I got sick.   Let me start at the beginning. Way […]

Once Upon A Time I Was Vegan

The Healing Journey
  The Healing Journey is a series born out of the reality that we all have our own path to healing. When we share our journey two things tend to happen, we often find freedom in sharing our stories and we always inspire others. There is power in speaking up […]

The Healing Journey: Clare Kenty

This past weekend I had multiple conversations with clients and friends discussing the importance of listening to oneself. Taking the time to hone in and listen has so many benefits in so many aspects of our lives from developing your intuition to checking in with your body to making life decisions. […]

The Importance of Listening to Ourselves

Trigger warning: This post speaks of miscarriage and loss. This past Sunday caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect to wake up with a heavy heart or feel as though getting out of bed would be too difficult a task. I didn’t anticipate the flood of tears expressing the world […]

Mother’s Day, Longing & Loss

There’s a huge reason as to why I’m drawn to holistic health. It’s not about how many calories the treadmill says you’ve burnt, nor is it solely about what you eat. It’s about life, as a whole. It’s about your level of happiness and your relationships. It’s about how comfortable […]

Style. Comfort. Health & What’s Underneath.

Last week’s blog got me thinking about the days of old. You see, I haven’t always been the person I am now. Things looked very different for me a decade ago.   The happy woman overflowing with endless gratitude and positivity used to be a very angry and hurt person. Of […]

Choosing Change & Healing The Hurt

Many many moons ago, a decade or two in fact, it took me a very large coffee and a cigarette for me to be able to wake up. I physically remember having a hard time functioning if I didn’t get that morning dose of caffeine and nicotine. Fortunately it’s been […]

How I kicked my coffee habit