Clean, Clear & Cleanse this Spring Equinox

With Spring comes change. It’s in the air, the whispers of possibility.


I’m a firm believer that when we clear out what doesn’t serve and what we no longer need, we expand and create space for the magical. In the cycle of seasons, this is the time for clearing.


What do I mean when I say clean, clear and cleanse?


I mean let go, wipe down, sweep and release. Could be letting go of old clothes that you don’t feel good in anymore. Wiping down the walls or shelves in your living space. Having a salt bath with the intention of releasing what no longer serves from your energy and physical bodies. Intending on taking steps to change a habit pattern that doesn’t work for you. What comes up when you read the words, clean, clear and cleanse?


We could also look at our emotional and energetic selves and ask what do we need to surrender to? What do we need to let go of or stop resisting? What is ending and what is beginning? A darling friend wrote a beautiful piece about surrendering with this Pisces New Moon that just past.


I find it important to check in with ourselves as we navigate our way through this journey we call life. Check in with ourselves and the cycles. With Spring, we’re resurfacing from within, we’re birthing and coming to life again after hibernating during the winter. With the Spring, we are asked to dig up our soil, to turn it over and toss out what we don’t need.


So I ask, what ways can we check in with ourselves? How can we realign with what’s important for us? What needs to end and be let go of? What’s sprouting? What are we birthing into reality? Is there space to create?


If you’re in the city and free this coming Sunday, join us as we connect to the energy of the Equinox, check in with ourselves to realign, sit in circle, in sisterhood as we journey within in our Womb Sounding workshop.


Womb Sounding

Sunday March 25th | Yoga Village – 240 Roncesvalles Ave | $40 | 3pm – 6pm
Click this link for tickets and more information



A joyous Spring Equinox to you and yours beauty. May this Spring bring you whatever you need, with ease, grace and fluidity.


Sending so much love,

C. xo




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