In all I do and all that I offer, my purpose is to bring about change and growth through healing. As a coach, I hold safe, non-judgemental space for you to do your work.

One on One Coaching

Inner work is the exploration of self. Who we are, how we got here, where we want to go and what we want to create for ourselves. This work is incredibly transformational as it supports us in aligning with the truth of who we are. Though at times it can be challenging and confronting, doing our work and allowing the process to take place creates real, tangible change.

It’s my role to hold the space for you to do your inner work, to support you, cheerlead and celebrate you, and hold you accountable. 

In my coaching practice it’s important for me to value the fullness of the human experience and encourage clients to show up as their whole selves. We are such divine beings, each with our own unique gifts and experiences. It’s an honour to witness clients peel away layers, release what no longer serves, embody their truth and step into their power. It’s the absolute favourite part of my work.

Coaching With Clare Kenty

Typically my offerings combine coaching and Reiki. On their own each is effective in their ability to assist growth. Together they create a uniquely transformative experience that supports clients in doing their inner work and creates the time and space to release, relax and regenerate. Combining the two modalities functions to promote change and facilitate healing on emotional, mental, physical and energetic levels.

All of my offerings are shaped to the client's individual needs. I offer single Reiki sessions for clients who want an energetic tune up without the structure of a program; a Reiki Support Program that is more in depth and takes place over the course of six months; and a Womb Connection Program, developed for womxn who seek to deepen their relationship with self through the energetic portal of the Womb.

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Clare Kenty Transformational Coach

If my work resonates, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation. We can connect, discuss your needs and create something that works for you.

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