Womb Sounding: Honouring Ourselves & The Earth

September 23rd, 2018 | 3-6pm | 240 Roncescalles Ave | $40


Womb Sounding: Honouring Ourselves

We are so excited to be offering the third of our 4 Womb Sounding workshops this year. Join us on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 for WOMB SOUNDING: Honouring Ourselves & The Earth, the Fall Equinox edition. Read more… 









Womb Sounding: Illuminating Our Truth
Summer Solstice Edition

Bringing the light within to illuminate our truth in a workshop that encourages us to use our voice with vocal sound healing to explore the deepest parts of ourselves.



Sex & Sexuality

Womb Wellness 101: Sex & Sexuality
May 2018

This workshop offers a safe, sacred and judgement free space for Feminine identified beings to connect, share stories, discuss and learn how we can move forward owning our sexual power and embodying our desire.



Womb Sounding

Womb Sounding: What Are We Birthing?
Spring Equinox Edition

With the Spring Equinox in mind, we took the seeds we planted back in December and realigned ourselves and our intentions as we asked “what are we birthing?”We explored our sense of wholeness and power, our self worth and our self esteem to make sure we are birthing our intentions from an aligned and empowered place of being.


Womb Wellness 101: WITCH
March 2018

It was our intention to encourage and guide you to connect to your MAGIC within. We guided you as you connected to your wombspace, the source of your intuitive, magical power and the portal to all that you are and beyond.





Womb Wellness 101: The Power of Sound
December 2017

Exploring the power of sound through your own voice as a resonator to connect with your sacred womb and your power.

Within the sound of your own voice you carry the frequencies and key codes to activate the truth of who you are.



Womb Wellness 101Womb Wellness 101: Body Love
September 2017

What does your relationship with your body look like? How do you feel in your body? How are we conditioned to seek healing/… outside of ourselves rather than look within? Discuss all this and so much more in our Body Love WW101 workshop.




Womb Wellness 101Womb Wellness 101: Sex & Intimacy
January 2017

This Womb Wellness 101 is bound to heat us up from the cold winter outside! Gather and explore ways that we can increase wellness in our wombs through SEX! There will be lots to talk about in this workshop, that’s for sure! We’ll cover different sexual healing practices, energy work and using our voice to ask for what we want! This workshop is going to be fun, fun, fun!



Womb Wellness 101Womb Wellness 101: PMS
November 2016

The first of the Womb Wellness 101 series explores simple and effective ways to decrease and even eradicate PMS symptoms. This workshop will be fun filled, informative and packed with tons of resources that you can use in your life.




Sacred Sharing Circle
September 2016

This Sacred Sharing Circle brings together those who have experienced abortion and/ or miscarriage to sit, share, honour one another and hold space for each other.


















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