Expanding Into Our Power: Full Moon In Aries


Photo by Zany Jadraque

We are shifting out of a linear way of functioning.

We’re moving away from the patriarchy and towards the Divine Feminine.

Can you feel it?

Women around the world are being called back to themselves.

What was once holding us back, is now shedding.

We are letting go of what’s no longer serving us.

We are expanding into our power.

Do you feel it?

It’s time.

Choose your path,

the one that’s been calling you always.

Choose your journey.

Whatever that looks like for you.

Choose it.

We’re moving more quickly,

witnessing more death, chaos, more growth, more rebirth.

It’s happening.

The shift is taking place.

Do you feel it?

What’s your part in it all?

Where’s your place?


Photo by Stephen Leonardi

It’s calling you. Your path. Your place.

Asking you to be in alignment,

asking you to choose it.

Let your intuition guide you.

This is your journey,

your work,

to be crafted how you choose.

This path is yours

and all paths merge into the collective.

Doing your work is doing your part to heal us all.

Can you hear the call?

All that’s left is to answer.

And choose.

Choose your path.

And connect.



Clare Kenty
October 3rd, 2017


Sending blessings and expanding love as you navigate your way through this journey.

C. xo



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