Farmers’ Markets and Fiddleheads

Horrah! Springtime and sunny days means farmers’ markets all across Toronto! I always find myself excited by the endless possibilities go hand in hand with fresh local produce. Gotta love local farmers.

Last week I went where I’ve never been before and picked up some fiddleheads. I’ve seen them before but never cooked them before. And was I ever surprised! Pleasantly too! By far one of the most fresh and nourishing dishes I’ve had in a long time. I literally heard my body release a inner sign of wonder and appreciation as I gobbled up this awesome, refreshing, delicious dish.

Note that fiddleheads are meant to be cooked and not eaten raw.Fiddleheads

Grab a cup or two of fiddleheads – I’d say a cup per person, washed
3/4 cup of cooked short grain organic brown rice (per person)
2 garlic cloves thinly sliced
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

In a pan, sauté the garlic in the oil and add the fiddleheads a minute after. Sauté them for 3 minutes or so, they’ll be ready when they change from a deep dark green to a bright gorgeous green and that doesn’t take long at all. Serve on the rice and enjoy!

For more information on awesome farmers’ markets throughout the summer in Toronto. Here’s BlogTO’s best of the best.

Sending you love, light, sunshine and spring beauties!


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