Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

It seems as though the stars have been busy shaking up the energy or the tides have been coming and going with more gusto. Maybe it’s time to shed another layer… or two… Either way there is something going on in the atmosphere. It feels like we’re being pried open and our innermost fears and insecurities are being forced to the surface…  Would you believe me if I said this was a good thing?

I mean it sure doesn’t feel comfortable, it feels like the polar opposite! It feels like imaginary suction pads are holding me in mud and it makes me want to run… It makes me want to run to the hazy coping mechanisms of year’s past and forget that I have any healing, growing or evolving to do. Unfortunately for me, I’m far too far down the rabbit hole to go that route as fun and as hazy as it once might’ve been.

As my inner skins have separated, pushing forth feelings felt so long ago I barely even recognize, I was able to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. This is where healing, true healing and resolution can take place.

We’re not often told to sit with that which we’re uncomfortable. We’re used to running, be it physically running to another place or emotionally to another space. But something beautiful happens when we do. The deep dark feelings hiding in the shadows begin to lose their power. We have the opportunity to explore. We have the opportunity to ask questions and learn. It can be an  incredibly informative experience and can open up a world of understanding. When feelings arise and you get the urge to divert, don’t. Stay there in those feelings. It helps to be somewhere you feel comfortable when you do this. When you’re ready, ask it (it being the energy, the feelings or the space) questions like what is your purpose? Where did you come from? What are you here to teach me? How are you serving me? Here you have the opportunity to understand what is no longer serving you and release it. Choose to let go. You can even ask it to leave. Dig deep, know that you are strong and you will come out of this with a better understanding of yourself.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek- Joseph CampbellOnce you’ve done this a few times you’ll notice that those feelings you once feared or felt uncomfortable about won’t carry so much power and that they won’t necessarily be a trigger. After you’ve done this a few times it becomes less scary, going into those places becomes easier. You know that you are strong enough and powerful enough to overcome anything.

Sometimes it takes a while to truly understand that we’re strong enough to do anything we put our minds to. Sometimes it may take a while to discover that we can face the darkest parts of ourselves. We are truly magical, infinite beings.

Yes, when we’re being pried open with what feels like a power tool meant to force open titanium doors it feels awkward and uncomfortable but there is beauty in that. There is beauty and insight and the potential for growth and shedding – exposing your beautiful, authentic, joy-filled, true self.

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