Getting Your Steak To The Plate

I love pigs! I’ve loved them since I was a youngling! They’re one of my favourite animals! Once upon a time I even loved bacon! I love all things pig! They’re smart and cute and awesome creatures so I was immediately in awe of this cutie!

Meet Esther The Wonder PigEsther

This beauty is making her way around Facebook and all across the interweb sharing her story and creating awareness about the meat industry and exactly what it takes to get your steak/chop/breast/thigh to your plate.

Things like this always remind me to ask where our food comes from. Once upon a time our food didn’t have to travel for long to get to our plate but with the growth of population, technological advancements, politics and the demand for cheaper, more convenient ways of getting food into our bellies, food now comes from all over the world – even when it doesn’t have to.

For the most part, I consider myself to be a vegetarian, almost vegan. I do have cheat days when I eat organic chicken or fish but having watched a very graphic documentary on the Esther website, I am happy to give that up too. There tends to be such a separation between animals and the meat we eat. For the most part we go to the supermarket or the local butcher and have it ready to cook, no prep needed. I remember cooking my first whole chicken (yes, I’d seen whole chickens before, I had even seen chickens killed before), as I cleaned the dead animal I remember getting really emotional about its life. Wishing it well and hoping that the short life it did have was a good one (probably not since I bought it at the supermarket on sale)… Anyway, I digress. The detachment allows us to not be connected and even ignore what it takes to get billions of animals, mainly pigs, cows, chicken and sheep from the “farm” to our dinner. This is something that needs to be changed. This is why I’m sharing this with you. It’s high time we enabled ourselves to make informed and conscious choices about what we eat, that way we not only empower ourselves and heal our bodies, we empower each other too.


For the next few weeks, ask your body how it feels when it eats various types of food (meat, diary, bread, vegetables, spices, sugary fruits, carbs, etc) and listen to what your body tells you – it will speak through what you feel (bloated, heavy, full, light, energized, etc). What feels better to you? What food makes your insides feel good? Eat more of what makes your insides feel better. Go from there and see what happens.

Ask questions about where your food comes from, what has been used in growing that food, what chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics etc have been used? Is this a genetically modified product? Is it local? Remember, the more you ask, the more you will know and the more you will be able to empower yourself and others.



Sending you oodles of love and light
C. xx

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