The Healing Journey


The Healing Journey is always looking for brave and inspiring women who want to share their stories to uplift and empower others!

The Healing Journey is a series born out of the reality that we all have our own path to healing. When we share our journey two things tend to happen, we often find freedom in sharing our stories and we always inspire others. There is power in speaking up and it is time to tap into that power.

The mission of The Healing Journey is to provide a platform for women to connect, inspire one another and empower each other. Together we will stimulate conversation, create awareness, healing and stand together knowing that each and every one of us are unique, gifted and powerful.

Here’s how becoming a feature works:

  • One you let me know you are interested in sharing your story, we will connect a little and I will get to know about the story you wish to share.
  • I’ll then tailor the interview questions to you and your story and send them over to you.
  • You’ll write your answers and send them back along with your photos (there are specifications, bathroom selfies are not the look we’re going for) and social media links.
  • Answering the questions and talking about our challenges can be triggering, if you feel at any point that you need support either through a quick chat or some coaching, that is available to you.
  • I’ll put the post together, share it across my media platforms and encourage you to do the same.
  • Together we will empower and inspire other beautiful beings across the globe!

To become a feature, send me an email or fill out the form below.

What The Healing Journey is looking for in its features:

  • A powerful story. One that evokes emotions in the reader.
  • A story that inspires, empowers and encourages readers to move forward in their own healing journey.
  • Womb focused stories. These are stories that are focused on healing from the perspective of the womb space.
  • Vulnerability. Those who become features are always willing to share hardships and challenges in their lives. That is what becomes power and it also provides connection in the community too. As we go through our experiences we become stronger and this is what I would like to leave readers feeling. If we can go through it and come out stronger and empowered, so can they.

If you have any questions, connect with me and we can explore how we can go about getting you to become a feature in The Healing Journey.

What’s more, read the stories of those that have already taken part and shared their stories. Take a look through previous issues of the The Healing Journey here.


Together we can bring our community closer. We can inspire conversation and encourage healing. It’s is my hope that we all leave this world the best versions of ourselves yet.


I look forward to connecting with you!
Sending oodles and oodles of love,
C. xoxo

If you are interested in sharing your Healing Journey, please fill out the form below and I will connect with you. Please be aware that The Healing Journey series is primarily about womb healing and womb wellness.



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