The Healing Journey: Sari Telpner


The Healing Journey is a series born out of the reality that we all have our own path to healing. When we share our journey two things tend to happen, we often find freedom in sharing our stories and we always inspire others. There is power in speaking up and it is time to tap into that power.

The mission of The Healing Journey is to provide a platform for women to connect, inspire one another and empower each other. Together we will stimulate conversation, create awareness, healing and stand together knowing that each and every one of us are unique, gifted and powerful.

This beautiful woman has an amazing story. One that will inspire and inform others in their own journey. Sari is an energy healer, a Reiki Master a Whole Health Educator, Advocate and Coach. Her journey to finding the balance in life has taken her through many twists and turns, many opportunities for learning and growth. I am so very excited to introduce you to Sari Telpner.


Sari Telpner



Sari Telpner

Sari Telpner

For those who don’t know you, what is your story?

My story begins in Southwest Iowa. I grew up in middle class family; surrounded by nature. I spent most of my youth exploring the trails behind my home; building snow forts and dirt forts with my sisters and friends; climbing trees, reading, doing macramé and playing with my animals. As a teen in the early 1970’s, I experimented with mind expanding drugs, attended live music and, like most of my friends at that time, I stepped into the world of sexuality during high school, with a serious boyfriend for two years.

I was small, sweet and very sensitive. I am an empath and didn’t know or understand what that meant in reality, until a few years ago when I began heading into my second Saturn Return*. I spent half a lifetime, unknowingly absorbing and holding everyone’s thoughts, feelings and energy- taking on so much, that I was in a chronic state of immune depletion; struggled with debilitating migraines, allergies, skin disorders, depression and fatigue. I was so involved in living everyone else’s story and making those around me happy- feeding them and nurturing them; that I lost myself. The connection to myself had vanished. I married young; head over heels in love and lost myself even more. I was partner to, served and cared for my husband as we raised our children together. Over time, we both lost our connection. Especially once the children came; we were friends and worked as a team to raise them, but deep intimacy, affection and taking the time to truly see, connect and hold one another was missing. The marriage lasted for over 25 years and one day, after years of stuffing much pain deep inside, in places I didn’t even know existed, my husband and I separated and were divorced within 6 months. My daughter had just graduated college and moved to Prague to teach English; my son was 14. It was painful; disorienting and something that was way overdue. In the 9 years since my divorce, I’ve been in one serious relationship sandwiched between a few very brief relationships. I am currently in a new relationship that is incredibly nourishing, healing and allowing for deep growth.

As a life-long learner, I have built on my passion for working in the field of health, education and healing. I was an Occupational Therapy Assistant for 7 years and returned to school and got my B.S. in Health Promotion/Fitness, followed by a Master’s Degree in teaching Health Education. In the past nine years, I have worked as a teacher, co-founded and run an organic farm and worked as a supplement buyer at a large natural foods co-op. In the past three years I have answered a deep calling to work as an energy healer – I am a Reiki Master and teacher. Recently I completed a 15- month accredited program and am a credentialed Whole Health Educator, Advocate and Coach. I am currently launching my coaching practice.





How would you describe your wombspace?

For most of my adult life I didn’t ever think of “wombspace”, though it played a central role in my early adult years as I worked very hard to conceive my children. At this point in my life, I have come to think of my wombspace as the center where my strength and vitality live. My wombspace is the energy center that ignites and charges me. I have come to understand through experience that an untended “wombspace” leads to pre-mature aging, and all sorts of physical and emotional imbalances. A well-tended “wombspace” creates and nurtures my core vitality, strength and ability to be grounded in the world.


Where did your healing journey begin?

My healing journey began at age two, in 1960, while hospitalized for two weeks and close to dying of pneumonia. What came from that experience was disconnection from human touch and a huge hit of antibiotics at a very young age. That experience led to years of physical weakness and chronic use of more antibiotics. Spending much of my youth and young adulthood struggling with illness, led me on my path to find my own healing, wholeness and come back to vitality. By my early teen years, I was pulled toward meditation and became an early adopter of whole organic foods and alternative lifestyle. From that time on (late 1970’s), I read everything I could about natural healing and nutrition; ate whole foods; ditched the white sugar and flour, gardened, sprouted, made rejuvulac, mochi, soy milk, nut milk and got a water filter. Once I moved to Oregon, in 1977, I began learning about healing with herbs, nutrition, naturopathic, homeopathic and Chinese Medicine. All of this was just the tip of the iceberg.


Would you say you have a relationship with your womb? If she could speak, what would she say?

I do have a relationship with my womb. It has changed very much over the years. My womb was out of balance when I tried to conceive my children. I would conceive after many months of trying and then at about 6-8 weeks, miscarry. This happened several times before my daughter’s pregnancy stuck. Her birth was extremely difficult- a 42 hour labor and home birth that ended in the hospital with an emergency vacuum extraction to pull her out. When my daughter was four and a half, we tried for our second child and gave up after two years of either not conceiving or having a miscarriages. Three months after letting go of having a second child, my youngest came along and surprised us. The pregnancy took. Once again I had a very difficult birth and my son was swiftly pulled out with forceps when his vital signs dropped. He came very close to dying. My womb made placentas that prematurely calcified, with both babies, creating great difficulty in birthing. The pain of labor caused my womb to clamp down hard and not dilate. Once given pain relief, dilation took place rapidly. It was as if there was an energy blockage in the womb. I look at this now in terms of energy and believe my first and second chakras were out of balance- perhaps all my chakras were at that time. Currently, I have an awesome relationship with my womb, as I have awakened to how central it is to my life force and vitality. It does talk and it says, “Listen, I am here- I am awake- I am your power.”


What experiences have been the catalysts of change for you and how have you changed?

There have been several throughout my lifetime. Leaving the small town where I grew-up in Iowa and moving to Oregon when I was 20, served as a huge catalyst for change in my life. I left a very conservative place where I always felt like a misfit. Once in Oregon, I knew I had found my spiritual home. The next massive catalyst was my marriage at age 24. During that period, I grew from a girl into a woman; became a wife; a mother; a home owner; learned how to manage finances, and went back to school earning three college degrees. By the time the marriage ended, 25 years had passed and I was close to 50. Next, my divorce was a powerful catalyst for change. For the first time in my life, I was handling the world as an independent adult woman and caring for a teenage son. Three years after my divorce, I met a man and fell into a very intense relationship. Very soon after we met and basically merged, I became sick for many months. I realized I was not ready for the level of intensity happening in that relationship, but I had trouble disengaging due to the deep intimacy and connection I was experiencing for the first time in my life. It was like the polar opposite of the relating in my marriage and the swing from one pole to the other extreme, put me in a state of overwhelm. I felt suffocated and was experiencing symptoms of asthma and serious fatigue. After three years of chronically breaking up and getting back together, I left that relationship with a great feeling of sadness and at the same time, much relief.

Finally, three years ago I was catapulted into a massive life change as I entered into a “Kundalini Awakening:. I had no idea that the experience even had a name until several months ago when I was given a copy of a book called, “The Biology of Kundalini”. I couldn’t put the book down. With every paragraph, I cried with relief as what I had been going through was described by the author. This experience caused massive amounts of energy to run through my body to the point where I could barely function in life. My adrenal glands crashed and I developed severe vertigo and light sensitivity. I had to leave my job due to my extreme sensitivity. I was flattened for many months. It took me into a place I would describe as deep, enforced solitude. I could barely leave my home. It changed the course of my life. During this period, I was directed to some amazing guides and teachers. I developed my gifts as an energy healer and completed a distance learning program that I had been looking into the previous year. My life took a massive turn. I was a passenger in the car and my soul was the driver. During this period, my intuition deepened; I went through massive cleansing and detoxing that happened on deeply physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I meditated and practiced gratitude and Qigong for several hours each day; rested often and developed an ability to deeply tune in to my higher self. I was given the gift of discovering who I am and time to develop a loving, healing relationship with myself. This experience has allowed me to find my voice; step into my power and clearly see who I am and what my life is about. It has birthed my healer self and allowed me to come out of the closet and live authentically as the deeply spiritual person I have always been. It has allowed me to integrate this part of myself with my pull towards academic and intellectual pursuits. The two are now meeting in my heart and bringing me into the strength and beauty of who I have been trying to be since I was a small child.


What work have you done in order to heal your womb/ body/ self?

Sari Final least editingThe Kundalini Awakening has been my biggest healer of body and self. It has been an experience I can only describe as a massive disintegration and cleansing of every cell in my body and a rebuilding of self- as if I now have a newly re-born body. Doing Reiki energy healing on myself, daily, for the past two years has been a powerful healer for me on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. During this period I could eat very few foods as most every food for quite some time, caused vertigo attacks. Much of the healing took place through feeling my feelings and moving emotion in a big way. I cried like I have never before cried in my life, at any time. I got intuition that I had to cry, to release old stuck energy and much of the energies I had been storing in my body by taking on everyone else’s stuff as the empath I am. I cried and screamed and then cried more for many, many months. I healed myself with daily gratitude practice, meditations and mantra practices given to me by my teachers. And, I let go and began to trust that I would be fine. I learned to stop the violent vertigo with my mind, by saying to myself, “I’m safe”, “I’m fine”. Once I began to use the mind-body medicine, my healing moved forward rapidly. I carried rocks in my pockets; slept with quartz crystals and stood barefoot in the grass in the freezing cold of winter. I also worked with one very powerful healing modality- N.U.C.C.A.- upper cervical chiropractic, which helped straighten my neck and align and heal the cranial nerves -specifically The Vagus nerve which innervates the womb as well as other organs. I use energetic practices to build my adrenal glands and activate my Vagus nerve, alternating hot-cold- hold-cold in the shower.

For womb healing, I discovered a very powerful practice called O.M., Orgasmic Meditation. Since doing this practice I have experienced exponential healing, intimacy and deep connection. I now am able to hold all the energy that is coming through me; feeling solid and grounded. I feel balanced, vibrant and lit-up from deep within my core; my womb-temple. This practice has brought deep emotional healing, allowing old, stuck energies and experiences, such as the physically and emotionally painful child births and loss and emotional pain from the many miscarriages, to release and move out.


What does womb healing mean to you as a mother?

At this stage in my life, with my children ages 31 and 24, womb healing for me is about being in touch with my children from the core of my being. My womb center at this point, is the center of my power. My children are awesome adults and to step into my full center of power, I must consciously attend to and heal any of the ways I connect to my children that are not authentic. At this point in time, the healing for me and my children comes from me tearing down any veils, walls and facades that have separated us in our ability to connect. When I allow myself to be vulnerable and share with my children fully, who I am as a person, walls of separation fall away and our hearts and souls receive the gift of connection..


How important do you feel womb healing is for women thinking about or entering motherhood?

I think it is essential and brings awareness to what they are planning to enter into in motherhood. I think when I was trying to conceive years ago and having the miscarriages, I was meditating and praying, but was not feeling the deep connection to my womb center. If I were doing it all over again, I would be looking at my life on the levels of physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual- striving toward balance on each of those levels. And, I feel the practice of O.M. could bring powerful womb healing, allowing for energy blockages in the womb and 1st and 2nd chakras to melt away; bringing deep clearing and healing on emotional and physical levels.


Looking back, would you do anything differently?

That is always an interesting question. I am of the mindset that, “Everything is as it should be”. I believe we learn our life lessons through experience. Each experience comes to me for my growth and evolution. We planned a home birth with a lay midwife with our first child and ended up in the hospital. So, 7 years later, I used an OB-Gyn doc and we scheduled the birth in a hospital birthing center. The doctor put me and the baby through stress tests once a week during the final month of the pregnancy- meaning self- nipple stimulation while hooked up to a fetal monitor. The nipple stimulation released oxytocin, triggering contractions. This way the doctor could see if contractions were normal and the baby’s heart rate was normal under the stress. I had been on one baby aspirin each day from early in the pregnancy to prevent placenta calcification and have good placental circulation. All looked great. And, just as with my daughter, it was 10 days past my due date and no sign of labor. I went to the hospital and the doctor broke my water. And, once again, I had intense contractions with no dilation for many hours. And, just like with my daughter, there was intervention to get labor moving; baby going into distress and being pulled out very fast to save his life. And, with all the medical preparation to prevent it, my son’s placenta was even more calcified than my daughter’s and we almost lost him. I think even when you try to do things differently, exactly what needs to take place is what unfolds. I am so grateful; so grateful for my children.



What would you say have been the most useful or effective healing modalities you’ve used over the years?

The most powerful medical modalities for me over the years have been, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, nutritional therapy with my Integrative Medicine doc for adrenal healing, and N.U.C.C.A.-Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Next, energy medicine seems to have been one of the most powerful healers for me, in terms of long-term, deep healing- Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, Medical Qigong, Mind-Body Medicine and O.M. have been powerful. Finally and extremely importantly-eating healthy, whole, organic food, drinking pure water, meditation, restful sleep, getting into nature daily, hiking and connection with friends and family.


What is your message for anyone in the midst of, or about to enter their healing journey?

Really listen to yourself and your intuition. There are many healers out there who miss your personal big picture. It is never just one thing. As an example, don’t only focus on what you are or are not eating. An over-focus in this way can actually cause you to be so stressed about eating that you make yourself worse. Stress levels affect our health in a big way. Seriously examine all five aspects of your health and life- physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional and spiritual. It is never just one thing contributing to you illness or wellness. When you balance these five aspects, you can begin to understand what you need to be your own best healer. And, always get help when you need it. There are some awesome healers doing great work.


Do you have any messages for anyone reading this post?

I have found powerful life-changing healing, through daily gratitude practice and mantra practice for mind-body connection. Your mind is your most powerful tool for your healing.



Sari thank you so very much for sharing your story with us. Your light is one that the world can not do without!

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