Holding Space & Healing

Photo credit: Harry Pammer

Photo credit: Harry Pammer

Recently I received a reminder in what it means to hold space. Holding space is literally what it sounds like. Energetically holding space for yourself or for others. It’s like consciously creating a bubble of energy, one that is safe and made with love, one that is free from judgment and all that comes with it. The person or people within are able to just be and allow whatever needs to come to the surface to appear.

I’ve often seen how therapeutic and healing it can be for those within the space, I’ve experienced it many times too. Rarely do we get the time to be with our feelings in an honest and transparent way. More often than not we find ourselves wrapped up in the drama of it all rather than the feelings, the fears and the realities. As a way of helping, we find ourselves dishing out advice and although it can be seen as support is it really? Suggestions and advice are usually triggered by a thought process similar to “I went through that, here’s what you should do!” or “I know about that, here’s what you should do”. Both are primarily about the person giving advice. As great as the intentions may have been, it’s no longer about the one sharing their feelings. Just before the advice is given, a judgment has been made and assumptions are placed upon the situation shared and the person ‘helping’ isn’t necessarily thinking of their friend.

For some reason, we have viewed this type of communication as support and help. This is a love language for many of us, and as much as it might give them an idea how to move forward there are many, many ways to do just that. We are more than capable of coming up with an idea or two on our own. Better yet, sitting with ourselves and tapping into our intuition, our inner knowing will usually offer the answer that is right for us. Having space held for you or holding space for yourself allows you to do just that. A natural process happens where we are able to work through feelings as we share, finding clarity at the other end, enabling you to move on in your own path.

Something I find so incredibly empowering is that we know. We already know the answers to the questions we ask. As cliché as it sounds, we really do have the power, the knowing and the strength within us. Our intuition is always communicating, we just need to tune in. We have an innate knowing, an instinctive sense and holding space allows us to access it. Our intuition is such a powerful guide and once we begin to use it, it’s virtually impossible to switch off.


To hold space:
Be completely present in the moment.
Listen, actively listen.
Check your judgments and attachments outside the bubble and when they do come up, let them go.
Be love, be unconditional, unrestricted, unlimited love.


Here’s to holding space, supporting and empowering one another.

Sending love,


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