Holiday lessons & the importance of practice

The holidays and the New Year have always been a pretty reflective time for me. Yes, the end of the year marks reflection upon what was and hopes for what will be, but it’s mainly because for me, it marks the countdown to my birthday and my own, personal new year.

This year has truly kicked my ass. I’ve had layers grated off me (dramatic as it may sound, that’s what it felt like, spiritual and energetic grating). With the passing of my father and all of the metamorphosis that has taken place since, it feels good to be where I feel I am now. I’m far more of an observer of my actions and that offers me awareness and the opportunity to witness, learn and grow which can be an excellent tool when spending time with family over Christmas.


Enlightened Practice


I love my family, all of them. We’ve all been through a lot this year and I so enjoyed my time with them this Christmas, yet as Eckhart Tolle said;

“if you have been doing your inner work for some time, a visit with your family is an excellent opportunity to discover how well you have done. You will easily identify where you have made significant progress. You will also see where your weaknesses still lie.”


Two major themes were highlighted for me over the holidays;

What roles do I play within my family and how do they serve me?


Where does my own practice fit in?


What roles do we play? Do they truly fit the people we are? I noticed falling into the daughter role. One where I did what I was told, I also noticed the rebellious child in me coming up too. This awareness had me contemplating whether falling into unconscious or habitual aspects of these roles serve us.

Question: In the roles we play throughout our lives, what aspects of these roles are conscious, what aspects are unconscious and how do they serve us?


The second of the two themes was something of an ah-ha moment for me. Having spent so much of 2017 evolving, shedding, grieving and growing, I’ve created quite an important and impactful self care practice, especially in recent months as my connection to Source and Spirit has strengthened.

Bath Practice

Photo by Averie Woodard – Not me in the bath, but in my mind it looks a lot like it!

In my practice, I’ve included sacred ceremony and rituals, plenty of bath time (also part of my sacred ceremony), Reiki, meditation, dance, 10 minute yoga and/or stretching sessions that I use to really connect and communicate with my body, frequent smudging, reflection, journaling and whatever else I’m called to do.

In the time I was away over Christmas, I did none of the above. Truth be told I felt it (not participating in my regular practice) like I’ve never felt it before. In a few short days, I became exhausted, emotional (without detachment which in my experience can breed drama and chaos if acted upon), resentful and I even noticed that I’d slipped back into some of my old habit patterns.

All because I let go of my practice, my soul work and my connection to what I now know keeps me sane.

Lessons learned.


Photo by Jared Rice


And so I ask you, what keeps you connected?

Connected to you, to Source, Spirit and Soul?

What is your practice?

And if this is something you’ve not considered before, what do you think your practice could look and feel like?





As we anchor ourselves into the New Year, I wish you expansion and connectivity. I wish you love and compassion for self and others, and I wish for you to see the magic you truly are.


Happy New Year beautiful!

Sending oodles and oodles of love,




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