Juice Cleanse 101

Tis the season! I’ve been asked a lot of questions recently about different types of cleanses particularly juice cleanses, over the past few weeks I even took it upon myself to do my own 3 day juice cleanse and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Here’s a start to what you need to know about kicking your body into spring time and resetting your digestive system.

Let’s start off with before you begin:IMG_20140418_100944

  • Organize but don’t be anal about it. Be open to go with the flow and listen to your body. I had a list of how I was going to do it all, recipes, times, you name it and I found that I hardly used any of it and I’m a list lover! It was easier, far easier to listen to my body and do what it needed as it needed it. The only prep I’d recommend is to buy a few days worth of produce so you ave options.
  • Don’t psyche yourself out. Chances are, it’ll be less painful once you’re in it. Avoid physically demanding and high stress situations and the rest should be easy.
  • Don’t judge your journey. It’s yours exclusively! Smoothies, juice, water, chia seeds, lemon water, chilli, soup or do-over days – it’s your journey. As long as you’re listening to your body and honouring that you should be golden.
  • Do your own research and find out what works for you. I did a lot of research into what vegetables and fruits would do best in healing my insides, in particular my digestive system and my liver. See what I found out on the juice recipes page.



  • Go with the flow. If you’re going to work or you have activities during the day that won’t allow you to make your juices then do so before. Drink your juices as you feel to but drink plenty of water throughout. Allow for the fact that you’ll be taking more washroom breaks than usual.
  • Remember low stress – life is easier when there’s less stress. Stress needs energy so you’ll feel the need to eat far more if you’re stressed out which could make for an angry person! Low stress, take it easy and remember to check in with your body and do what it needs.
  • Just keep sipping! Discover whether it’s more fun for you to drink through a straw (question as you may, sometimes straws are fun!) or gulp in large quantities, have a juice for a meal and drink water in between. See what you enjoy doing most. But if you find yourself getting hungry, just keep sipping!
  • Think about incorporating produce that helps certain body functions. During my cleanse I chiaseedsincorporated specific vegetables and fruits that worked on particular internal organs. A dear friend of mine chose to drink chia seeds in water to help her to clean out her large intestine and colon – mind you the texture was more like mini tapioca balls or frog spawn, but it definitely worked for her!
  • Add a smoothie to shake things up if you feel too. Smoothies are thicker and leave you feeling a bit less empty. I found it good for me to have one for lunch.
  • Preoccupying yourself might make it easier for you! Having things to do. Errands to run or work to go to will take your mind off of eating. Spending a day at home with cupboards full does not make for an easy juice fast!

Easing yourself back into eating:

  • 3 days is more than enough time for your body to respond to not having to digest food all of the IMG_20140417_074858time. You will need to ease your body back into eating again. Start off with liquids. Soups or blended smoothies or raw vegetables. Know that it will feel a little weird at first but the easier you take it as you ease back into regular food the less of a shock your body will be in.
  • Don’t go on a drinking binge! In fact, it would be better not to drink alcohol or go back to putting toxins into your body, especially after cleaning your body out. I heard a story the other day about someone who was on a 2 week cleanse and then went out on a weekend bender. Not a wise choice. You’ll feel it ten times worse. If you do happen to have a drink with dinner, take it very slowly and drink lots of water.
  • Maintain that open communication that you created with your body during the cleanse. There are so many things you could discover now you’ve opened up the dialogue.

My own 3-day-journey
My day one was surprisingly uncomplicated – wait – let me say that my first day got a do-over. the original day one was incredibly stressful so I chose to postpone till the following day to start the cleanse and I’m ever so glad I did because day one, the do-over went ever so smoothly. I didn’t find it difficult at all.
Day two however was by far the most difficult. I stayed home and came very close to cheating a few times, just because of the temptation lying in my fridge, however whenever I wanted to go for food, I made a smoothie or another juice. I found interacting with food was enough for me. Day three however was amazing, I had energy, mental clarity, I was excited and I actually didn’t want to start eating the following day. Even by day four I started off the day with a juice, not breakfast. Eating whole foods felt weird, I could feel my stomach contracting, I could also feel my energy literally travel to my stomach for digestion which left me feeling drained.

For specific recipes and information on the produce I used follow me here!

Things I realized:
I eat mostly for pleasure and not out of necessity. The quantity that I eat is due to the fact that I enjoy tasting my food so much, I don’t listen to when my body tells me it’s had enough.
I don’t drink anywhere near enough water and ironically, I’ve found it challenging to drink as much water as I did while on the juice cleanse. I’m working on improving that.
I love the feeling of my insides being light! That was something I hadn’t experienced until two weeks ago. I feel less sluggish and heavy. Feeling light feels awesome!

Please let me know how your own experiences with spring time body shake ups are going! I’d love to hear from you!
Sending out oodles of love and light to each and every one of you beauties!
C. xx

Note: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or other healthcare professional. Consult a physician regarding a cleanse or detox with respect to your individual health.


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