Due to this unique moment in time, any Reiki courses I offer

will be online. Current classes are listed below.

Reiki Restore

Learn Reiki

Reiki is a beautiful tool that facilitates healing and supports us as we navigate our way through life. To learn Reiki is to deepen our relationship with self, to cultivate and nurture our relationship with energy and explore the changing world around us through a new lens. 

Each class is an invitation. An invitation to acquire skills and tools that have the potential to guide you deeper into your path of self discovery. It's an invitation to explore energy in a way you may not have experienced before. I invite you to play, learn and evolve as we co-create an experiential journey that empowers you in your healing and growth.

Reiki is taught in 3 levels


Reiki Level One introduces you to the Reiki system and covers the foundation. This includes Reiki history, how to use Reiki on yourself and others, how to strengthen your energy and personal practice, and the 5 essential components of Reiki. These are the Principles and Precepts, the hands-on healing, the Reiki mantras and symbols, the Reiki techniques and meditations, and the Attunements (initiations into the Reiki levels).

I teach this course from the perspective of using the Reiki system for the times that we are currently in. We focus on exploring how to go about using Reiki to support ourselves in our own healing and facilitating healing for others. We discuss the ways that we can integrate Reiki into our self care and personal practice so that we can navigate these evolving times with balance and ease. 


In Reiki Level Two we go deeper. We focus on strengthening and developing our connection to energy and we use the Level Two symbols to further our personal healing. It is in this level that practitioners are introduced to the Distance Symbol, a symbol that when used, invokes the ability to move through time and space. This allows us to offer distance Reiki healing for ourselves (past, present or future), to situations and places around the world, or to remote clients or loved ones. 

I teach this level and encourage students to use these tools to go inward. Together we practice ways that we can use the symbols and mantras to heal inner wounds, we also practice channeling Reiki for the Earth or to a specific place that may need healing. Given the times that we are currently in, this work is essential to our collective evolution.

Reiki Restore


The Reiki Master Level is an exploration of mastering oneself and one’s Reiki practice. It takes a lifetime to master one’s personal development, completing a Master certification does not mean that one is done with learning. This course is taught over time, with a focus on the transition between practitioner to Master and how to teach Reiki (though teaching Reiki is not mandatory for a Reiki Master, one may choose not to).

Typically I teach this class over several months to a single student or a very small class. That way you are able to integrate the teachings, develop your practice and get a sense of yourself as a Reiki Master whilst receiving mentorship and support throughout.

As a student in my Reiki community, you receive

  • Online Reiki community Q&As
    A chance to catch up, connect with community and ask Reiki questions.
  • Reiki Shares (when we can in person)
    A Reiki share is when practitioners gather to offer Reiki to one another. Often one person will receive Reiki from the group and take turns so each person has the opportunity to receive.
  • Reiki Circles - currently online, for the collective and the planet
    Reiki circles take place when multiple practitioners gather to offer Reiki for one purpose. This could be one person, a community, the collective, a situation somewhere in the world or for the healing of the planet.
  • Mentorship
    Twice a year I offer Reiki Mentoring Groups for students who want to develop their personal and/or professional practice. This takes the shape of a co-created mastermind group.
  • Ongoing online support via email.

My Commitment as a Reiki Master Teacher

  • To facilitate the co-creation of experiential journeys in each course.
  • To spark a remembering of your magic.
  • To offer tangible tools, practices and resources that you can integrate into your daily life.
  • To offer tangible practices that you can implement to nurture and care for yourself that will develop your awareness and assist in how you navigate your way through the world.
  • To offer opportunities for students to deepen their relationship to their authentic, truest self, Source and Spirit.

Course Offerings

reiki level one

Reiki For The Times: Level One

Exploring the Level One Reiki teachings while we learn to work with Reiki as a practice to support ourselves during these evolutionary times.

learn reiki

Reiki For The Times: Level Two

Strengthening and developing our Reiki practice with the Level Two teachings invites us to also dive deep into our relationship with Self and our inner wounds.

learn reiki

Reiki Master Training

A journey to mastering one's self and one's Reiki practice. The Level Three teachings invite us to commit to our mastery while deepening our relationship with Reiki and learning to share the Reiki teachings.

learn reiki

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®

A step further in the evolution of Reiki, Karuna Reiki® is a healing energy that awakens us to Universal compassion. Holy Fire® energy cultivates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. It refines and enhances Karuna healing energy.

Reiki Certifications:

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher instructed and initiated by Reiki Master William Lee Rand - February 2020

Reiki Master Teacher instructed and initiated by Reiki Master Melanie Dawn Bessa - March 2017

Reiki Level Two instructed and initiated by Reiki Master Melanie Dawn Bessa - November 2016

Reiki Level One instructed and initiated by Reiki Master Melanie Dawn Bessa - October 2016


Clare is honestly the only person I would study Reiki with. Her teaching style is deeply spiritual and deeply human at the same time - there's a depth to her work and a reverence for the lineage and practice of Reiki, balanced with a warmth and sense of humour that made the classes fun. Her classes offer a good balance of history and theory to ground you, with loads of hands on practice to internalize the learning. As someone who was nervous going into it, I felt comfortable and supported throughout and had such a great experience with my group.

Or, Toronto


Being a Reiki Master is something that Clare was born to do. Her enthusiasm and passion for Reiki made the Level 1 course a powerful, spiritual experience. I realized during the course that I had been feeling so exhausted because I have been in a lifelong pattern of being hard on myself. I now that have another tool in my toolbox I can use to interrupt the pattern and give myself some love instead through Reiki. Reiki is a tool that provides me with a new appreciation of myself and I am so grateful to Clare for sharing it with me.

Juanita, Toronto


Clare has such a warm, loving, and welcoming spirit. She truly is a beautiful soul. Her passion for Reiki is evident by her ability to provide students with such a powerful and transformational experience. Clare has been able to help me through my healing process in indescribable ways. I am beyond grateful that our lives have crossed paths. Thank you for all of the resources and tools that you have provided me with. Thank you for being you, Clare!

Cassidy, Toronto

If you would like to connect and discuss how we could work together, I offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation via phone or Skype. 

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