My Personal Reiki Practice

ReikiJanuary 11, 2018

When I think about my healing journey and the impact my Reiki practice has had, I’m both amazed and filled with gratitude.

There are four things that have changed along my journey. Reiki has…

  • catapulted how I care for myself and deepened my self care practice
  • drastically increased my sensitivity to subtle energies
  • impacted how I see others
  • changed how I experience life around me and shown me things that are literally out of this world


My self care practice has really developed over the years and Reiki has had a huge hand in that. Giving Reiki to myself is a way I bring me back to self. How I come back to balance and out of any chaos. I now have personal rituals that involve intentions and Reiki. My Reiki practice connects me to energies beyond myself. It’s a beautiful reminder that I am part of something more.

I have been doing energy work for years, but it was Reiki that really showed me a world of subtle energy. Combined with my own personal Reiki practice, I feel like my awareness of energy has really transformed. We are energy. Everything is energy. So it’s amazing to be attuned to that. I’m grateful for all that this experience has shown me.


Reiki PracticeMy compassion and empathy has increased dramatically. Being able to sense the energy, feelings and emotions of others has reminded me that we’re all in this together and although we may feel alone, we’re most definitely not. The way I interact with people and even my patience has developed because I know we’re all just trying to navigate our way through life. We do so in different ways, sometimes led by our egos,  but we’re all doing what we know to do, as we can. I have compassion for that.


To say that my Reiki practice has changed how I experience the world around me is a dramatic understatement. As a level 2 practitioner, I was able to witness the soul love and bond I share with my (at the time) dying father. I was able to give him Reiki and support him in his last days. As he was passing (I happened to be meditating at the time), I saw him leave me and my 4 brothers and be welcomed into the spirit world by my Grannie and Grandad. Reiki changed how I was able to be there for my father, it changed how I processed, experienced and witnessed his transition from physical to spirit. My Reiki practice has also helped me to heal through my grief.


ReikiWould you believe that’s the tip of the iceberg?

In the time I’ve been working with Reiki and especially since I received my Shinpiden Degree (Master level), I’ve transcended time and space, supported those both near and far in their healing. Supported multiple people simultaneously in Reiki Restore, connected to ancestors, guides and even angels, I’ve had client’s ancestors connect with me in sessions and I’ve received countless messages and downloads.


I feel that Reiki has opened me up to the magic I’ve always believed in and I mean it wholeheartedly when I say that my Reiki practice has changed my life.

I’ll be forever grateful.

C. xo






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