Gathering in community online has become a necessity for many of us as we continue to physically distance ourselves. I invite you to these upcoming online offerings if they resonate.

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Let's Connect

Although we're physically distancing ourselves, that doesn't mean we have to do so socially or emotionally.

Let's gather and hold space in community. I will lead us in a Reiki meditation (that everyone can do) and facilitate time for sharing. Everyone is welcome.

Thursdays on April 2nd, 16th and 30th 2020

online event


Calling all energy healers and light workers! On each New and Full Moon we gather to offer love, healing and Source energy to the Earth and all of the beings who call her home. 

Full Moon in Libra, April 7th, 1pm EST

New Moon in Taurus, April 22nd, 1pm EST

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 7th, 1pm EST

New Moon in Gemini, May 22nd, 1pm EST

online event


For my Reiki student community, this is the opportunity to gather, connect, share and offer Reiki distance healing to the collective and Gaia. 

This is an invitation to practice Reiki, to ask questions and share the wisdom of your experience with other Reiki practitioners. 

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