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The Magic of Slowing Down (When Everything Speeds Up)
Recently I was asked to share my favourite summer wellness rituals with and it got me thinking about the[...]
Reiki Video #1 – My Journey, My Offering & Reiki Levels One & Two
It's part of my intention this year to get comfortable doing things I don't necessarily find comfortable lol. Videos are[...]
When Shadow Goddesses Visit
It is a New Year, we are in the thick of winter. This season ushers us to go within and[...]
My Personal Reiki Practice
When I think about my healing journey and the impact my Reiki practice has had, I'm both amazed and filled[...]
Holiday lessons & the importance of practice
The holidays and the New Year have always been a pretty reflective time for me. Yes, the end of the[...]
Lessons in Grief and Loss
Today marks three months since my Dad passed. There have been so many lessons in my grief, so many revelations[...]
Meet My Friend, Anxiety
Anxiety is something I've had since my teens. I remember worrying a lot in my childhood but exploring my anxiety[...]
Once Upon A Time I Was Vegan
May I share a confession? I eat a variety of foods that you don't always see on my instagram feed. Foods[...]
The Healing Journey: Clare Kenty
 The Healing Journey is a series born out of the reality that we all have our own path to healing.[...]
The Importance of Listening to Ourselves
This past weekend I had multiple conversations with clients and friends discussing the importance of listening to oneself.Taking the time[...]
Mother’s Day, Longing & Loss
Trigger warning: This post speaks of miscarriage and loss.This past Sunday caught me by surprise. I didn't expect to wake[...]
Style. Comfort. Health & What’s Underneath.
There's a huge reason as to why I'm drawn to holistic health. It's not about how many calories the treadmill[...]
Choosing Change & Healing The Hurt
Last week's blog got me thinking about the days of old. You see, I haven't always been the person I am[...]
How I kicked my coffee habit
Many many moons ago, a decade or two in fact, it took me a very large coffee and a cigarette[...]
Loving Back To Self
There is so much out there about exercise and size. So much about what you should be doing, what you[...]
There Once Was A Carnivore & A Herbivore…
Once upon a time there was a handsome and determined young man who bumped into a beautiful and driven young[...]
Evolving Through Emotional Eating
First and foremost I should apologize for my lack of posts and communication with you guys. I've definitely dropped the[...]
Beauty, The Media & The Road To Happy
I just saw the most amazing snippet of a documentary called Killing Us Softly 4. Jean Kilbourne spoke so articulately[...]