I am so grateful to be able to support and facilitate change in the community. I am both humbled and honoured that my clients share such sacred pieces of themselves with me. The work we do requires vulnerability and commitment that is not always easy to do, especially when faced with challenges. These words are from a few of the Beautiful Souls I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Being a Reiki Master is something that Clare was born to do. Her enthusiasm and passion for Reiki made the Level 1 course a powerful, spiritual experience. I realized during the course that I had been feeling so exhausted because I have been in a lifelong pattern of being hard on myself. I now that have another tool in my toolbox I can use to interrupt the pattern and give myself some love instead through Reiki. Reiki is a tool that provides me with a new appreciation of myself and I am so grateful to Clare for sharing it with me.

Juanita, Toronto


​Clare is honestly the only person I would study Reiki with. Her teaching style is deeply spiritual and deeply human at the same time - there's a depth to her work and a reverence for the lineage and practice of Reiki, balanced with a warmth and sense of humour that made the classes fun. Her classes offer a good balance of history and theory to ground you, with loads of hands on practice to internalize the learning. As someone who was nervous going into it, I felt comfortable and supported throughout and had such a great experience with my group.

OR, Toronto


​I love learning from Clare. You can really feel her passion for teaching. She makes you feel valued and wanted as a student, with lots of support along the way. During my Reiki training I not only learned the principles, values, how to of Reiki, but also felt empowered to facilitate my own healing and help others do the same.

DAIVA, Toronto


​Clare has such a warm, loving, and welcoming spirit. She truly is a beautiful soul. Her passion for Reiki is evident by her ability to provide students with such a powerful and transformational experience. Clare has been able to help me through my healing process in indescribable ways. I am beyond grateful that our lives have crossed paths. Thank you for all of the resources and tools that you have provided me with. Thank you for being you, Clare!

CASSIDY, Toronto


​Where in bloody hell were you all my life? I am so thankful the universe connected us. I am beyond grateful for all your support and wisdom. Also for for all the resources you have provided me throughout the program. This healing journey has made some tremendous impacts in my life especially in regards to relationships with men. Amen!!!

Claudia, Toronto


​Clare is a breath of fresh air and flowers! Her positive energy and genuine care makes you feel safe and loved. I really appreciated talking to someone who tells things to you as they are. I really appreciated Clare’s way of focusing hard on the matter at hand. I would recommend Clare to anyone who is looking for clarity, who is stuck in their ways and confused or feeling trapped in any way. Clare is passionate about what she does, and genuinely cares about helping others. I always felt very comfortable talking to her right from the beginning. She’s a wonderful spirit.

Lauren, Toronto


​Clare Kenty is an educator and a learner. At Literature for Life, we hired Clare to deliver our food literacy curriculum to a group of teen moms. The balance of food and literature couples with the tough environment required a malleable teacher and a lifelong learner. Clare embodies both of these characteristics and more. She is a natural healer always seeking to impart information that can be self-actualized. She is selfless, nonjudgmental and open-hearted. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance, support or simply a listening ear.

Tenielle, Toronto


​Clare is a truly beautiful soul. Her love and light radiate. She has cultivated a deep knowledge of women’s health, womb healing and how these things are deeply connected to spiritual health. She is committed to helping women heal. The thing that most impresses me about Clare and all of her work, is the non-judgmental and welcoming spirit she embodies. She meets all of her clients where they are without projecting judgement. To work with Clare is to truly have your own personal cheerleader. She is a constant source of positive energy, love and hopefulness. I highly recommend that you consider working with Clare. I imagine that you will gain far more than you expect.

Derrika, San Francisco


​Thank you for creating a space for me to be free, without judgement so I can honour myself and grow. Give thanks for your love and positivity.

Que, Toronto


​Go see Clare Kenty, she will change you in such a fundamental way, you won’t even realize she is here to express your life’s work.

Nicole Angela, Toronto


​Clare Kenty is a deeply intuitive person. Whether working with individual clients or in a group setting, she brings a holistic approach to wellness. Our relationship began as a professional one and grew into a personal one as well. Clare does not seem to differentiate between the two. She is as fully present in her work as in her relationships. Both a student and a teacher, Clare’s understanding of the many workings that relate to a person’s health and happiness is informed by years of study and practice. This practice seems to have heightened her self-awareness which now lends to her mindful coaching. She is a focused healer with a sense of humor that puts strangers at ease and that reflects empathy and compassion.

Erica, Toronto


​Clare Kenty is Magic. Went into a deep peace during our reiki session. Lying on a bed of amethyst (which I’d never done before), surrounded by a room full of my ancestors, and being with my intention- to continue to give my vulnerability a voice, to cultivate clarity and to “follow the love”. Feeling blessed and blissed. Finding new ways to nourish my aging body, so I can continue to serve and be a force for change. Thank you Clare Kenty.

Soasis, Toronto


​Thank you for creating such a warm, judgement free space for healing. You are great. I look forward to our next encounter.

A. Sewel

Womb Connection Praise

“The grandmother spirits have been walking with me since Saturday…

my voice has been awakened. Thank you for inspiring such beautiful connection." 


“I went home from our full moon womb sounding gathering this weekend feeling that a portal had been opened… I ran a hot bath infused with the rose petals, lavender, and red raspberry leaf that carried the vibrations of our sound journey. Feeling relaxed and revived.”

Lori, Toronto


"What a wonderful exploration and activation of primordial wisdom and sound this has been! Every detail was designed with our spiritual well-being in mind, and we even walked away with a lovely fragrant gift! The workshop's progression felt really organic, with full permission to act and speak from a primal and vulnerable place... a truly transformative experience."

S'ya, Toronto


“The Womb Sounding workshop was empowering and healing for me.

Clare and Deborah held space in a beautiful way, that allowed the sisterhood and sacred femininity to blossom among us women in the circle. The space was decorated beautifully and the atmosphere was intimate, safe and I felt I could be both vulnerable and strong. I could go deep within myself and open up to give and receive sharings in the group. Deborah’s sound healing journey in the end really activated my body and womb area – the power of receiving vibrations through her voice was incredible. Clares presence was empowering and touched my heart. Her intuition and openness towards what this specific group needed was the perfect guide through this intimate journey.

I would like to go again and again and recommend it to all sisters out there!!”

Jessica, Toronto


​Thank you for a wonderful experience! I loved the women who gathered, and the information you gave us. I feel empowered to be authentically myself because I know there are woman circles who love and support me. Much appreciated! This type of gathering is vital in our earth experience.

Olivia, Toronto


​Wonderful workshops, thank you for the safe space. I so enjoy the company of women and we need more events like this so thank you!