Reiki Courses

Clare Kenty Reiki Master

Once upon a time I was an English Teacher and I loved being in the classroom with students. I bring my passion and love for teaching to my Reiki classes. Learning Reiki and integrating it into my practice has changed my life. Reiki has facilitated change in my relationships with energy, loved ones, clients and the world around me. It encourages me to see things differently, to heal myself, to transcend time and space (as an Indigo Aquarian I have always found comfort in the ether, but level 2 Reiki gave me a technique and endless possibilities). Reiki even transformed how I experienced the death of my father. It is this magic and opportunity that I share with my Reiki students.

Clare Kenty Reiki Experience

My courses are designed with the understanding that there is incredible healing and growth available if you are open to it. The Reiki level courses are aligned with planetary events to support and catalyze the experience. Each course includes in class time, readings and homework, in person practice, and the option of additional support with a one on one Reiki treatment to assist you in your own transformation.

I am humbled and awed to have witnessed the shifts that have taken place in my students lives during and after our Reiki courses. Each course is staggered over a number of weeks to provide the time and space for you to learn, practice and grow with the experience.

“Inner Work” Simplified

Simple and practical steps to help you to do your work.