Reiki for Self Care & Emotional Wellbeing: Reiki Level One

My intention for this Reiki level one course is to empower my students with the incredible healing benefits of Reiki. Not only so they can use it with others, but so they can apply it to their own self care practice too.

It was my own Reiki journey with that inspired me to create a level one class geared towards caring for the self first. As my relationship with Reiki developed over time, it became an integral part of my own self care practice. I use Reiki to maintain my emotional wellbeing and care for my physical, spiritual and mental self too. (To read about my healing journey with Reiki click here.)

It is this wisdom that I am sharing with students in this Reiki Level One course.


Reiki Level One


On Tuesday February 13th and Thursday February 15, 2018 we will gather to explore, discuss, learn and practice the elements of Reiki Level One.

Part one (Tuesday’s class) will focus on understanding Reiki and it’s benefits, it’s origins and uses. We will discuss the Reiki principles, precepts and ethics, as well as how to integrate them into our lives. We will also be introduced to the Reiki level one symbol, mantra and get started on the hand positions (for self and for clients) and we will begin the self care component.

Part two (on Thursday), we will continue to apply the hand positions and the discuss how we can incorporate Reiki into our own self care. We will look at the Reiki meditations to support our growth, practice working with the energy and you will receive your Reiki level one attunement and certificate.


This course includes the following to help with your learning and integration;

  • 10 combined hours of training and practice
  • your Reiki level one training manual
  • a built in component on using Reiki for personal self care and emotional wellbeing
  • your Reiki level one attunement
  • your Reiki level one certificate
  • online resources
  • a one hour Reiki session with me (to be scheduled outside of class)
  • a 30 minute coaching call post certification for additional support
Our class will be small and intimate (limited numbers) so that you will get the most out of your experience. It is split over the two days to aid you in your integration and you will also receive continued support after your training is complete.


To make this course as accessible as I can, I’ve opted to use a sliding scale. I’m offering the course for $185-$245 for all I mentioned above, including the one on one Reiki session and post certification coaching call!


257 Danforth Avenue at the Inner Arts Collective. Right in between Broadview and Chester train stations, there is also a paid parking lot opposite.


What to do next:
Before we talk deposits and registration, I would like to connect with you over a 15 minute call to explore your hopes and expectations, your journey thus far and any intentions you may have for the course. We’ll talk about how I can support you to the best of my capabilities during the call and you can ask me any questions you may have.


To register, connect with me (via email) and schedule our call. Upon completion of our consultation, I will ask for a nonrefundable deposit of $100 before February 1st, 2018. If you would like to discuss a payment arrangement, I am definitely open to doing so.


Connect with me via email or fill out the form below and I will be in touch. If you have any questions, please let me know!


I’m truly so excited and grateful to be supporting the community in our collective growth this way. Sending you love and blessings. I look forward to supporting you in your growth and empowering evolution.
C. xo



This course is taking place on February 13th and 15th, occurring on the dark moon and the New Moon in Aquarius. The dark moon invites us to be still and reflect or meditate on what we would like to bring in and the new moon welcomes us to a new cycle, a place to let go of the old and start with things new. The new moon in Aquarius is a particularly magical moon, this energy is all about progressive, positive changes and possibility. What better time to start something so empowering?





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