Reiki For The Times

It's high time we gathered to talk about WTF is going on energetically in and around the world that is creating all of the growth and change (and chaos) taking place. 

We are in evolutionary times beauties! The old reality is no more and we are waking up to the truth of things. The current system is collapsing and we are now having to find new ways to function that are in alignment with our highest good. 

In the macrocosm we are witnessing shifts in the planet, uprisings in societies around the world, movements demanding change that serves the masses. In the microcosm of our every day lives, we too are experiencing shifts, relationships restructuring, existential crises of sorts, we are also being called to listen to ourselves and Mama Gaia like never before.

I have been guided to offer a special Reiki Level One Course for the times we are living in. It's time we learned how to cultivate and work with energy in a way that supports us in our internal and external realities. Reiki is an amazing tool that can facilitate deep healing and ultimately transform how we live our lives. 

Over the course of the weekend, we will gather and hold space as we explore, discuss, learn, practice the teachings of Reiki Level One. We will take time to talk honestly and openly about what's happening in our lives and around the world as we explore how we can use Reiki to support our own healing, growth and evolution and be a catalyst for change in the world.

Reiki For The Times

In this level one Reiki Course we will:

  • Explore the Level One Reiki teachings in a safe and judgement free space.
  • Learn to use Reiki as a tool to support ourselves during these intense and evolving times.
  • Learn to work with and cultivate awareness around working with energy.
  • Practice and experience hands on Reiki healing.
  • Explore WTF is going on (energetically speaking) and how we can navigate our way through with ease.
  • Examine the five foundation components of Reiki.
  • Practice the Reiki Level One symbol, mantra and meditations.

Reiki Level One

Saturday November 16th 11am-4pm & Sunday November 17th 11am-4pm.

In this special Reiki Course, you will receive;

  • a total of 13 hours of training and practice - 10 hours in class, 2 hours of at home practice and 1 hour of homework
  • your Reiki level one training manual
  • a built in component on using Reiki for personal self care and emotional wellbeing
  • your Reiki level one attunement
  • your Reiki level one certificate
  • online resources
  • ongoing support

PREREQUISITES: None, just an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Reiki For The Times


date & time:

Saturday November 16th 11am-4pm

Sunday November 17th 11am-4pm.


Inner Arts Collective

257 Danforth Avenue, Toronto. (map)


This course is $300 and includes all materials. 

Students may pay in full or secure their spot with a $100 deposit via e-transfer to

For those interested in receiving additional support, I am offering one on one, 90 minute Reiki sessions for $95 (regularly $135). If this resonates, simply add the Reiki session when you purchase the course below. 

As accessibility is important, I have reserved a few spots that are on a sliding scale for anyone who needs it. Payment plans are also available. Please connect with me via email to talk about your needs. 

Reiki For The Times

  • taking place on Saturday November 16th & Sunday November 17th, 2019.
  • 13 hours of training and practice
  • receiving your Level One Reiki certification
  • all materials included

** I also accept payments via email-transfer to Please send an additional email with your contact information (name, phone number) and which course you have signed up for to the same email address.**

I’m truly so excited and grateful to be supporting the community in our collective growth this way. Sending you love and blessings. I look forward to supporting you in your growth and empowering evolution.

C. xo


Clare is honestly the only person I would study Reiki with. Her teaching style is deeply spiritual and deeply human at the same time - there's a depth to her work and a reverence for the lineage and practice of Reiki, balanced with a warmth and sense of humour that made the classes fun. Her classes offer a good balance of history and theory to ground you, with loads of hands on practice to internalize the learning. As someone who was nervous going into it, I felt comfortable and supported throughout and had such a great experience with my group.

OR, Toronto​


Clare is exceptionally gifted in the art of listening to life’s rhythms. A master percussionist, if you will, of sustaining beats that speak of heart, earth and soul. Learning from her to tune into the flow of the creative around me has yielded a more harmonic balance in my life; I have been able to cultivate calm and gentleness while developing my strength of will and endurance to face the day-to-day emotional roller coaster. Her teaching style is like being welcomed into her family; as if your souls have met before and recognize the lessons they’re embarking on. She is kind, gentle, absolutely hilarious and speaks volumes with a laugh. 

KIT, Toronto​


Clare, I just wanted to say thank you for creating both an open & grounding space to explore this transformative system of healing. Your energy is enlivening, Your spirit is generous & accepting. Things haven’t been the same since, in all the right ways.

JESSICA, Toronto​


Being a Reiki Master is something that Clare was born to do. Her enthusiasm and passion for Reiki made the Level 1 course a powerful, spiritual experience. I realized during the course that I had been feeling so exhausted because I have been in a lifelong pattern of being hard on myself. I now that have another tool in my toolbox I can use to interrupt the pattern and give myself some love instead through Reiki. Reiki is a tool that provides me with a new appreciation of myself and I am so grateful to Clare for sharing it with me. 

Juanita, Toronto​

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