REIKI LEVEL 2: Healing Our Wounds

My intention for this Reiki level two course is to empower my students with the knowledge of how to heal our wounds using Reiki. While level one encourages us to care for ourselves, Reiki level two guides us to caring for our emotions and healing our wounds. This is an incredible skill to have both for our own healing and in supporting the healing of others.

The inspiration behind the way I design and teach my Reiki classes is the profound sense of support and healing that Reiki has facilitated in my own journey. As my relationship with Reiki developed over time, it has become not only a huge part of my own self care, but in addressing and healing my own wounds. (To read about my healing journey with Reiki click here.)

Reiki Level 2

On Saturday October 27th, 2018 we will gather to

explore, discuss, learn and practice the elements of Reiki Level 2.

During this class we will recap the components of level one and share our experience with Reiki thus far. We will be introduced to the level 2 symbols, their meaning and mantras, discuss how we can incorporate them into both our healing and our client's, and practice using them. We will also spend time exploring Reiki meditations.

This class includes the following to assist you in your learning and integration.

  • 7 hours of in class training and practice
  • your Reiki level 2 training manual
  • a built in component on using level 2 to heal your own inner wounds
  • your Reiki level 2 certificate
  • online resources
  • a 90 minute in person Reiki session

Our class will be small and intimate to maximize your learning experience.

The cost of this class, including all resources, class time and your Reiki session is $225.


257 Danforth Avenue at the Inner Arts Collective. Right in between Broadview and Chester train stations, there is also a paid parking lot opposite.

Students must already have completed their Reiki Level 1 training at least one month prior to beginning Reiki Level 2.

Enrolment Closed 

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Connect with me if you have any questions or would like to speak to me personally.

I am deeply excited and honoured to be supporting the community in our healing and growth in this way. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Sending love and blessings,

C. xo

This class is taking place on October 27th during the waning phase of the moon. Three days after the climax of the full moon, the waning moon encourages us to draw ourselves inwards, tapping into the subconscious mind, accessing our intuition, our shadow and our creativity. Towards the end of October, as we approach October 31st, the veil is especially thin. It is easier for us to receive messages and downloads, for us to connect to our ancestors, angels and guides. This energy will make for a deep and transformational experience.

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