Reiki Master Training Course

It is my intention for this Reiki Master Training Course to guide heart centred Reiki Practitioners as they transition from Practitioner to Reiki Master & Teacher. 

Answering the call to become a Reiki Master requires you to not only master your own Reiki practice but to also step into your greatness. I am honoured to hold space and facilitate this journey. 

The inspiration behind the way I design and teach my Reiki classes is the profound sense of support and healing that Reiki has facilitated in my own journey. As my relationship with Reiki developed over time, it has become not only an integral part of my own self care, but in addressing and healing my own wounds. (To read about my healing journey with Reiki click here.) 


We will spend 4 weeks in class together and gather once a week to learn, explore, practice and discuss the material. This course is spread out over a month so as to create the time and space for each student to nurture and deepen their own practice, to integrate each element of the course and honour their own experience. 

PREREQUISITE: Levels 1 & 2 with at least 1 year of experience at Level 2. Exceptions can be made, but must be discussed prior. 

We gather on Tuesdays from 6pm-9pm for class on November 12th, 19th, 26th & December 3rd, 2019.

This Reiki Master Training Certification complies with the Canadian Reiki Association training specifications and includes;

  • A total of 20 hours of training and practice.
  • 4 classes, spread over 4 weeks (1 class a week).
  • Reiki Master training manual.
  • Key components on transitioning from Reiki Practitioner to Reiki Master & Teacher.
  • Reiki Master Attunement
  • Reiki Master Certificate. 
  • Online Resources.
  • Support between classes. 

week by week

Week One: Tuesday November 12th. 6-9pm.

  • Introduction & Intentions
  • Revision of Levels One & Two
  • What does it mean to be a a Reiki Practitioner?
  • Presentation Topics

Week Two: Tuesday November 19th. 6-9pm.

  • Transitioning from Practitioner to Master (pt 1)
  • CRA Guidelines
  • Teaching & Experiential Learning
  • The importance of holding space & being trauma informed

Week Three: Tuesday November 26th. 6-9pm.

  • Master Symbol & Attunement
  • Business Integration
  • Leading from the feminine

Week Four: Tuesday December 3rd. 6-9pm.

  • Giving Attunements
  • Presentations
  • Certificates



All courses and sessions take place at the Inner Arts Collective at 257 Danforth Avenue.

The IAC is right in between Broadview and Chester train stations via the TTC, there is also paid parking opposite the building.


This course is $555 and includes all materials mentioned above. 

For those interested in receiving additional support, I am offering one on one, 90 minute Reiki sessions with me (includes time for some coaching if needed) for $95 (regularly $135). If this resonates, simply add the Reiki session when you purchase the course below. 

As accessibility is important, I have reserved a few spots that are on a sliding scale for anyone who needs it. Payment plans are also available. Please connect with me via email to talk about your needs. 


Register to secure your spot and begin your journey in becoming a Reiki Master.

  • ​20 hours of training and practice.
  • 4 classes, spread over 4 weeks (1 class a week).
  • All materials included
  • Online support offered between classes.

** I also accept payments via email-transfer to Please send an additional email with your contact information (namephone number) and which class dates you have signed up for to the same email address.**


If acquiring your Reiki Master level in a one on one setting resonates with you, I encourage you to connect with me to explore this option and schedule your 4 classes. In a one on one class, you and I will explore the material over the 4 weeks together.

Benefits of a one on one class include; 

  • Fully personalized conversations, classes and assignments.
  • Classes are scheduled with your availability.
  • My full and constant attention and dedication to your empowerment.
  • Classes have the potential to be shaped towards your goals.
  • The journey we take together becomes a very intimate and personal journey where you are held in a safe space to learn, explore, integrate and grow. 

All materials are included and this certification course complies with the Canadian Reiki Association. 

This one on one training is available for $1111 and can be paid in full or a payment arrangement can be made. 

I’m truly so excited and grateful to be supporting the community in our collective growth this way. Sending you love and blessings. I look forward to supporting you in your growth and empowering evolution.

C. xo


Clare is honestly the only person I would study Reiki with. Her teaching style is deeply spiritual and deeply human at the same time - there's a depth to her work and a reverence for the lineage and practice of Reiki, balanced with a warmth and sense of humour that made the classes fun. Her classes offer a good balance of history and theory to ground you, with loads of hands on practice to internalize the learning. As someone who was nervous going into it, I felt comfortable and supported throughout and had such a great experience with my group. 



Clare is exceptionally gifted in the art of listening to life’s rhythms. A master percussionist, if you will, of sustaining beats that speak of heart, earth and soul. Learning from her to tune into the flow of the creative around me has yielded a more harmonic balance in my life; I have been able to cultivate calm and gentleness while developing my strength of will and endurance to face the day-to-day emotional roller coaster. Her teaching style is like being welcomed into her family; as if your souls have met before and recognize the lessons they’re embarking on. She is kind, gentle, absolutely hilarious and speaks volumes with a laugh. 



Clare has such a warm, loving, and welcoming spirit. She truly is a beautiful soul. Her passion for Reiki is evident by her ability to provide students with such a powerful and transformational experience. Clare has been able to help me through my healing process in indescribable ways. I am beyond grateful that our lives have crossed paths. Thank you for all of the resources and tools that you have provided me with. Thank you for being you, Clare!



Clare, I just wanted to say thank you for creating both an open & grounding space to explore this transformative system of healing. Your energy is enlivening, Your spirit is generous & accepting. Things haven’t been the same since, in all the right ways.



Being a Reiki Master is something that Clare was born to do. Her enthusiasm and passion for Reiki made the Level 1 course a powerful, spiritual experience. I realized during the course that I had been feeling so exhausted because I have been in a lifelong pattern of being hard on myself. I now that have another tool in my toolbox I can use to interrupt the pattern and give myself some love instead through Reiki. Reiki is a tool that provides me with a new appreciation of myself and I am so grateful to Clare for sharing it with me. 


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