Reiki Mentoring Hub

Reiki Mentoring Hub

There is power in being witnessed on our path. We find nourishment from being in circle. The Reiki Mentoring Hub is a co-created, experiential journey. A facilitated group for Reiki Practitioners to deepen their relationship to Self and Energy, working with Reiki techniques and practices whilst navigating our way through the current times.

This experience is part mentoring, part mastermind group and part invitation to play and explore the magic we are. It is a journey of three cycles that focuses on exploring aspects of our relationship with Self, Energy and the world around us. 

In any of my group offerings it's important that we co-create a container where we witness each other in our work and what we're moving through. We hold space, support one another and together we create community. In the Reiki courses I teach, we learn the Reiki teachings while cultivating a deeper relationship with Self and Energy over a 4 week period. With the Reiki Mentoring Hub, I want to expand on that and create an experiential journey where we take the time to deepen our practice with Reiki and nourish our relationship with Self. Within this 4 month exploration we create a safe space to show up and be, to share our adventures and learn from each other. It's a space to gather and discuss the times we're living in whilst reflecting on energetic and spiritual perspectives.

This group is for Reiki practitioners and you do not need to have been a student of mine to participate. All levels are welcome.

The Reiki Mentoring Hub guides us through 3 cycles of exploration:

- Aligned relationship with Self

- Aligned relationship with Energy

- Aligned relationship with the world around us.

Each cycle and aspect of discovery is intuitively self guided. While there are themes and invitations, we are each encouraged to follow our own intuitive guidance throughout our time together. 

reiki mentoring hub

Reiki Mentoring Hub Logistics:

  • The Reiki Mentoring Hub is a 4 month long journey beginning on October 21st 2020 and culminating on January 27th 2021.
  • We gather on Zoom twice a month on a Wednesday evening (6pm-7.30pm EST), making a total of 8 (90 minute) group sessions.
  • Our time together involves self study, reflection prompts, Reiki practices (exercises and meditations), opportunities for Q&A and more.
  • It focuses on exploring 3 aspects of relationship:
    - Relationship with Self
    - Relationship with Energy (Reiki and beyond)
    - Relationship with the world around us. Including but not limited to; the Earth, the elements, the collective, social justice, environmental justice, decolonization and more. 
  • Each cycle of exploration includes a guest speaker interview. These are additional group Zoom calls.
  • During the Reiki Mentoring Hub we will connect and share in a private Facebook group.
  • This is a co-created journey. While it will be facilitated and have structure in the way we go about it, it is a guide for you, your work and your journey. What that looks like is specific to you.


In making this offer as accessible as possible the cost of the Reiki Mentoring Hub is $666. Participants are welcome to pay in full or monthly ($166.50 per month) via credit card or via e-transfer (if in Canada).

It is an honour to create sacred space and gather in community during these times. I find that holding safe space, where we can show up in our wholeness and be seen is a gift in itself. Showing up in our truth, in our all-ness, is one of the most important things we can do right now during this collective shift in evolution. I would love to share this space with you.


Clare Kenty guided this group with absolute EXCELLENCE! Every meeting/facebook communication/email was overflowing with wisdom and love. She has a wonderful ability to create a container which allows people to step into their highest selves so that true healing can occur. I am so grateful for her guidance, wisdom, warmth, and relatability. Thank you Clare for being REAL and showing us that we can be "all the things". I am grateful for not skirting around difficult subjects, both in our inner and outer worlds. This experience taught me that our deepest and scariest shadows, the things we want to run away from most, when faced and embraced, are actually portals into higher dimensions of self and spirit. This shift in perspective has altered my experience of existence here on planet Earth. Having a magical group of people/souls to witness and be witnessed by in this work meant more to me than words could ever say. I am so grateful for this experience and will cherish it forever deeply in my heart. THANK YOU!

Aiden, Toronto


I am so grateful to have been part of the Reiki Mentoring Hub. To be in co-creation of a group experience with my mentor, Clare, and the other group members was a true honour. The space created with the group was a circle that provided grounding during the start of an ever changing time. It was a sacred space where we were heard and could explore the deepest parts of ourselves with like minded individuals. We just "got it". No need for small talk. I also had a deep appreciation for the conversations around decolonization and dismantling polarity.  The work begun with this group will continue to inform how I practice and live in this world. 

Daiva, Toronto


It's been a pleasure to be a part of your Reiki Mentoring Hub! Participating in this mentoring hub was so valuable - at a time when I was exploring new depth and dimension to life, it was supportive to have a community to meet with regularly where we could all share and learn from one another's experiences navigating Reiki and life in these times. For anyone who wants to been seen and witnessed on their journey to self, and to share space with magical light beams, this mentoring hub is for you : )

Lucy, Toronto

If you would like to connect and discuss how we could work together, I offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation via phone or Skype. 

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