Reiki Restore: Downloaded [April 7th]

Is it me or are we feeling all the feels these days? Could be Mercury Retrograde, could be all the chaos outside, could be that times are changing in a way we’ve never known before. It’s ok to feel. Allow yourself to feel. You’re not alone in this.


Here are the most recent downloads. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. If you have any questions or you’d like to know more about individual Reiki sessions with me, read my Reiki page, or connect with me.

Sending love and blessings to each and every one of you.

C. xo


  • When we don’t allow ourselves to feel what we’re feeling the energy of our emotions get stuck in our body. Say yes and allow yourself to feel and move through your feelings, allow yourself to release what’s no longer serving you. Even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it’s painful.
  • You’re strong and you will get through.
  • We need to allow ourselves, to give ourselves the space and stillness to feel. In a world of distractions, this is essential.
  • You are not your ego. The ego tells us who it thinks we are. The ego is limiting, it wants to be right. It wants us to be better then the rest. You are not your ego.
  • You are divine, multifaceted, multidimensional. You have more power and potential than you know.
  • How can we support ourselves the way we support those we love? How can we celebrate and love ourselves the way we do for those we love in our lives?
  • Quiet the mind and allow the body to feel.



Join us on Earth day for Reiki Restore! This workshop’s theme is Spring Awakening! Stepping out of winter’s hibernation, we will be exploring how to shake off stagnation and move into spring. Expect an afternoon of rejuvenation and restoration as we celebrate spring’s awakening.

Sunday April 22nd | 3pm-5:30pm | Yoga Village – 240 Roncesvalle Ave | $35

Check out the Yoga Village website for more info or email reikirestore(at) to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited and pre-payment is required.




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