Reiki Restore: Downloaded [December 2nd]

Blessings on this beautiful December day! How are you all as you navigate through the last Mercury Retrograde of the year?

Here are the downloads from the past 2 weeks at Reiki Restore. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. If you have any questions or you’d like to know more about individual Reiki sessions with me, read my Reiki page, or connect with me.

Sending love and blessings to each and every one of you.


  • Expansion creates the space to be able to choose for your highest good. Follow the expansion. Expansion can offer a buffer for you to be aware and mindful of how you interact with the world.
  • You have the capacity to carve a tunnel through the chaos. Imagine that you’re making your way through the chaos outside, but that it’s not touching you, you’re not being sucked in, you have your buffer ūüėČ
  • Follow the expansion. Go where you find peace and balance, whether it’s in your mind, or a physical place. Go where the balance is.
  • Light your chakras! Imagine a¬†lightsaber (or a bright beam of light lol) going through you from your head down to your toes. Visualize that the light is making each chakra brighter and more vibrant.
  • The mind can be busy at times, contemplating, analyzing, judging, etc. This can ramp up our anxieties and fears. We have the choice to shift away from the fear and towards expansion. You can do this by paying attention to your breath. Coming back to the breath is a very simple way to give yourself space and create expansion.
  • TRUST YOURSELF. You have intuition and it speaks to you. Even if it’s faint, it’s there. Trust yourself. Use your intuition. You know things!!!
  • Please know that you’re doing enough. You are enough, you’re doing enough, trust that.
  • With what’s happening both internally and externally, we’re forging new paths, new habit patterns, new ways of doing things. Again, you have the option to choose something that serves you. Choose what’s expansive, choose what serves your highest good.
  • Apply self compassion like it’s your new favourite lotion.
  • With everything feeling so unstable, trust is essential right now. Trust that you are supported, trust that you’ll make it through, trust that you know what you need to do. Trust rather than giving into the chaos, the scarcity, the anxiety and fear and if/when it comes up, have a conversation with it, learn from it, use it to help you instead of pushing it down or ignoring it (when does that really work anyway?).
  • Know that you are made of magic. Know that the beautiful individual you are is MAGIC. This human experience can be a magical one, if you’re open to it because YOU. ARE. MAGIC.


Phew! That was a lot!


If you’re in the mood for more information as to what’s happening astrologically or if you’d like a method to the madness happening outside right now, check out the resources below.

Natoya Hall is all kinds of awesome and channels amazing insights:

Timothy Halloran of Rasa Lila Healing is a phenomenal being. His astrology forecasts are passionate, very insightful and even a little intense at times.

Mystic Mamma is one of my personal favourites

As is Chani Nicholas


Sending love, light and blessings!!

C. xo



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