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There’s a huge reason as to why I’m drawn to holistic health. It’s not about how many calories the treadmill says you’ve burnt, nor is it solely about what you eat. It’s about life, as a whole. It’s about your level of happiness and your relationships. It’s about how comfortable you are in your skin and what you feel about your past. It’s about your spirit and your connection to what’s around you. It’s about everything. I see health in everything. So much so that when I was forwarded a video yesterday, I was in awe of how people shared themselves, their story, their healing journey and their relationship to self through style. The What’s Underneath Project “Uncovers the power of genuine self-acceptance by stripping us down to open us up.”


This amazing project was created by Mummy-Daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum of Style Like U.



I love the idea of removing masks and stripping down into the real you. The you you are when no one else is around, the you that we often hide because of what others will think. Being someone who has worn a multitude of masks over her lifetime I identify with a little in every video. This work is something magical, it’s empowering and it’s healing.


What if we all accepted and loved ourselves as we are? What if we stripped the masks we wear and showed up as our true, beauti-filled selves?



What if who we are underneath it all is perfectly perfect?

What if we’re all different and perfect because we have something unique to provide to the world?


Explore the videos, cruise the website and find your favourites!

What did you connect to?

How do you identify?


Here’s to your healing journey, here’s to you being perfectly perfect underneath it all.

Sending oodles and oodles of love and light your way.

C. xoxo

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