The Healing Journey: Nicole Angela

The Healing Journey


The Healing Journey is a series born out of the reality that we all have our own path to healing. When we share our journey two things tend to happen, we often find freedom in sharing our stories and we always inspire others. There is power in speaking up and it is time to tap into that power.

The mission of The Healing Journey is to provide a platform for women to connect, inspire one another and empower each other. Together we will stimulate conversation, create awareness, healing and stand together knowing that each and every one of us are unique, gifted and powerful.


It brings me so much excitement and pleasure to introduce you to this phenomenal woman. Doula and monumental Healer, Nicole Angela offers love and support to women as they transform through birth, both physical and spiritual. Nicole is incredibly connected to earth and spirit and uses her Clairvoyance to guide us as we heal, create and birth ourselves.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this incredibly powerful interview for months!! Without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to Nicole Angela.



Nicole Angela Title



Nicole Angela

Nicole Angela – Scepter and Staff – Photo by Sarah May Taylor

Nicole Angela, for those who don’t know you, what is your story?

I am just like all the rest of the beautiful Divine Souls on this planet. I am a part of this circle of life that we are all an intricate part of.

I remember being inside my mothers womb and hearing my fathers voice. Hearing the resonance and tone of his voice, and feeling how it shifted the energetic vibrations of my mother. Not in a harmful way, more like the way sound creates vibrations in water. Change happened. Perhaps that was the beginning of my understanding of the sacredness of the Womb space, or perhaps it was my initial initiation. It was as if my sacred waters parted, and I awoke to the empathic resonance of this earth plane. Strangely enough I clearly remember in that same moment falling in love with my mother and her divine beauty. Deep in my heart I knew in that moment what love was, yet I had not laid eyes on her.

This memory may seem strange or questionable to some, but during my pregnancy with my son I was awakened to such powerful levels of my womb consciousness, that my trust in this body of consciousness was solidified. This memory returned me to my original space of formation, and was the powerful catalyst that grew into my offerings of healing, love and support for women and their transformation through birth. Not solely birth of the physical kind, but birth of the spiritual kind.


How did your healing journey come about?

My Womb Healing journey began with love I would have to say. It began with a love that penetrated the walls of my heart and soul and cracked me wide open. The lover ship with my sons father was the boat that my heart needed to rest in, while it was pushed out into the wild waters of my soul. Although our love and relationship has changed over time, I will always be deeply grateful for the beauty of his being. It sparked the fire in me for not only the birth of our son, but the rebirth of my soul. Like Shiva and Shakti, it was a symbol of the all in one divine consciousness.

In the Shadows. Photo by Sarah May Taylor

Nicole Angela – In The Shadows – Photo by Sarah May Taylor

Love heals. These words were never so true for me before this beginning. Through this love my being felt safe enough to open into the stories that lay in my wombspace. My stories, and the stories of my Ancestors.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday.

A circle of my dearest sisters had gathered together in the August of 2008, on a very isolated island called Snake Island on Lake Simcoe, Ontario. We often gathered together to do all the things that magical women do when they have time to commune together, sunbathe naked, swim, cry, love and heal each other. This time was no different, except the spirits of this island had a plan for us. Massive shifts and healing took place. I will never forget the spirits of the trees there, so ancient and powerful that at night all I could do was ask their permission… for everything. I must have spoken an intention for deep healing and preparation of some sort, because that is just what happened.

One afternoon, my dear magical sister Anne was preparing food for us all and she made a stew full of goodness and magical intentions. I remember sitting across from her as she handed me the bowl, watching me as I took the first bite of this brew…. and I was gone. For the next several hours my spirit left my body and was transported through time and space where I was set to witness and feel the pain and trauma that lay in my wombspace. The shame, imbalanced sexual acts, sexual abuse, rape and trauma. Not only mine from this lifetime but of many past lifetimes, as well as all the women ancestors whose energy resides in my wombspace. For hours I sat and sobbed with my eyes closed to this world, I saw generations of women in my lineage raped, lost babies, brutality and fear. The experience was so incredibly palpable that it left a branding on my spirit. It was another initiation.

I saw and felt it all while my sisters held and cared for me. I remember returning to my body feeling numb, voiceless, shaken and changed. That began a very active period of directed and focused healing towards my wombspace for the next two years until my son was born. After his birth, my healing continued and still continues in the way of renewal, new life and expression. That was nine years ago, and I have been journeying on this Womb Healing journey ever since.


Nicole Angela Divine Feminine

Nicole Angela


As a Doula and Healer, what role do you think womb wellness and womb healing has in our lives? What does womb healing look like to you? 

Womb Healing is a very real realm of consciousness for the Divine Feminine. It is a portal into the deeper parts of us. The single sacred act of our incarnation into this divine feminine form, is the role of creation. Let me be clear here, creation takes many forms, childbirth is just one magical expression. As a Divine Feminine, which all women are, this means we are a channel for the acts of creation. We hold within us the bowls and connection to the great void. When we combine this force with the Divine Masculine that is also within us or through partnership, this is when movement and creation take flight. Our wombspace plays a very large part in who we are, how we heal, and how we express ourselves.

As a Doula and a Healer my intention is to support women through birth. Whether this be a physical birth where they are birthing a human life and undergoing monumental spiritual and emotion transformation. Or supporting a woman that is ready to bring forth her other gifts of creation into this world. Guiding and supporting them as they wiggle their way through this channel is my role.

As women we act as channels and vessels of life force energy, weather we are conscious of this or not. Often times, living unconsciously in this role can lead to emotional, spiritual and physical dis-ease. Fear, blocked creative expression, repression of the divine feminine, and other harmful expressions divine disconnection.


Nicole Angela Womb Healing

Nicole Angela


Womb Healing is the act of consciously entering into this space with the intention to heal what lies within. You are the healer, I am the guide. You have to pull yourself through the muck that gets stuck to your walls from the generations of women that walk in power within you, you are responsible for yourself. I am simply here to offer love, guidance and support.

Once we clear this space without judgment towards our past lives and decisions, we are left with a clear channel that will birth our souls expression in ways that we could never imagine. But the road is long and messy; however that is where our power lies, in this sacred space.

Many women that work with me come to this healing consciously, ready to look into their wombspace and sit with whatever comes to light. I see such bravery in them.

For me, Womb healing is my continuous work to birth myself through places that feel hard and tight. Places that I would much rather avoid, expressions of myself that I would rather hide due to lifetimes of fear and persecution. For me this work is my return to my role as a Priestess. This continues to be the hardest channel for me to emerge from. But I know if I don’t go head first down that birth channel, all the gifts of the women in front of me and behind me may not be materialized. And frankly I do not want to come back in another lifetime to this same struggle, so I have taken up my staff.

Practicing loving myself and my tenderness, listening to the guidance of my Ancestors, leaning on my sisters, and surrendering ultimate trust in the divine with the belief in my souls power to transform me is how I practice this work.


Pregnancy. Nicole Angela

Nicole Angela – Pregnancy

How would you describe your wombspace?

Physically my wombspace lays in the area of my second chakra, the Sacral Chakra. This chakra regulates our reproductive organs, sexual energies, sacred sexuality, creativity and much more. Linked to my womb consciousness for me is very much my fifth and sixth chakra where I receive conscious guidance and express it through communication.

My wombspace is my greatest place of power, also the space that brings me to my knees. It is where my Scepter and Staff reaches out from deep within me to pierce the veils of illusion that I have built. It is the portal from which I touch the souls of women, experience the grace of motherhood, and the awakening I receive every time I witness a birth. This sacred place is where I opened into the love that brought forth a child, it was his first home. My wombspace is holy for me, very holy.


If your wombspace could speak, what would she say?

My Womb communicates to me in many ways regarding various wisdoms. Healthy and non healthy sexual partnerships, nourishment choices, healing through my menstrual blood, my emotions, when I am required to birth another part of myself and much more.

My womb is mantra; “You got this”


Message. Nicole angela

Nicole Angela


What experiences have been the catalysts of change for you? How have you changed?

The greatest gift that my personal womb healing journey has given me is a stronger sense of bravery. This awakened consciousness encourages me to move closer to my soul self, even when it is challenging. I have my staff now and I continue on, no matter how rough the road. I have survived many dark and challenging times in this lifetime, but I have ultimate trust in the universe that loves and guides me.


What work have you done in order to heal your womb/ body/ self? What are some of your most helpful healing practices?

Plant Spirit Medicine has played a very big part on this womb healing journey for me. After my catalyst in 2008 I communed very deeply with Nettle and Red Raspberry for two years. They came to me as Mother and Queen, reminding me of my divine self and preparing my sacred wombspace for the roles to come.

Consuming them daily I was gently guided deeper into my wombspace psychically with the help of these powerful herbs. Nettle acted as a physic lenses for me to peer into my wombspace and receive deep conscious healing through my dreams. Equally Red Raspberry was the strong yet gentle force that cleared and purged the physical and energetic blockages. Both of these herbs I used consciously to prepare my wombspace for the child I knew was coming. It took two years of continued use before he felt this space was ready for him.


Vessels. Nicole Angela

Nicole Angela


After the birth of your son did your relationship with your womb change? 

After the birth of my son my relationship with my womb space did change. A lot more gentleness and compassion was required from my heart towards my womb. New mothers give so much love to their child, but the greatest work they are required to learn is to love themselves; as deeply and intimately as they love their child.

This self love is a very hard thing to practice when your entire body and soul has been transformed so dramatically, as you learn to be present with such a raw, new and vulnerable self. Gentleness was what my wombspace required. My son is still my greatest teacher of gentleness for me.


How do you allow yourself to feel through experiences? (When a feeling comes up how do you work through it?)

I never could prevent myself from feeling through my experiences. I always felt things very deeply throughout my entire life. What I needed to learn was how to use and direct the energies that I felt. How to channel them towards a place of healing, and balanced giving for myself and others. This learning was accelerated after my initiation in 2008 and the birth of my son.


What is your message for anyone in the midst of or about to enter their healing journey?

My message to others on their healing journey would be to trust yourself. Trust what you know you need to bring you to the other side of your healing, and trust that you will get there. Your willingness to surrender to the act of healing means you must surrender to time. Not your time, but divine timing. Healing will carry you down some dark and challenging passages, don’t fear the darkness. Trust that you are held and loved by the Great Mother, you will emerge.


Believe. Nicole Angela

Nicole Angela


Do you have any messages for anyone reading this post?

Believe in yourself. Your number one job is to love yourself, and to do this well requires a whole lot of compassion and non judgement towards yourself and your choices. Keep your head up, you are Divine.



Eternal thanks to you Nicole Angela for sharing such intimate and inspiring pieces of your Womb Healing journey.


Want to connect with Nicole Angela?

Nicole Angela - Worship

Nicole Angela – Worship – Attend Nicole’s last Circle in the Womb Healing Circle series on February 25th, 2017

If you would like to connect with Nicole or take a look at her work, visit her website Follow Nicole Angela on Instagram, stay up to date with Nicole’s events on Facebook and chat with her on Twitter.

On February 25th, Nicole Angela will host her last Womb Healing Circle of her two year Circle Series. It is going to be magical and it is going to be EPIC. Stay tuned for more information soon. Nicole’s events can also be found here.




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