There Once Was A Carnivore & A Herbivore…

the puppet kentys! Once upon a time there was a handsome and determined young man who bumped into a beautiful and driven young lady. Although sparks flew and love was evident, they did not marry until four years later. Now of course they lived happily ever after and all was well. All except one thing…

He was a carnivorous meat eater, a chef in training and quite the foodie. She was a herbivore to the core and ate as much of a vegan and gluten free diet as she could. She was also quite the vegan, gluten free, organic, local foodie. They got married and lived in a small apartment with one fridge and a very tiny kitchen. Eating her meat-less diet lead him to miss meat a lot and feel a little weak. But eating the things he ate left her feeling heavy, bloated and dreaming of lemon massaged kale. What were they to do? How is there to be balance on their plates? Are they to live an eternity cooking separate meals? What could this otherwise perfect couple do?!

First things first. The only way that this is going to work is if exploration is an option. Rather than two people being rigid in their own ways, make it a road of discovery for the pair of you. Looking for awesome, exciting dishes from far and wide will expand both pallets and make food more exciting.

This one goes hand in hand with the previous point. New recipes will require new foods. Look for new ingredients. Not only do they introduce you to something new and widen your food knowledge a little more, you just might find something that you really enjoy. A new ingredient that you wouldn’t have dreamed of before that becomes a staple in your pantry!

beef burgerbean burgerBE OPEN TO COOKING A LITTLE MORE
In our home he cooks me veggie options and I cook him meat options. For example, burger night in our house is a black bean burger for me and a juicy beef burger for him. Pizza night is pitta pizzas that we can make ourselves, his is a meaty and cheesy affair and mine is a veggie wonderland. A pasta dish can be zucchini noodles rather than white pasta and a salad can quite easily be topped off with grilled chicken or steak for the meat lover.

When he moved in I wasn’t even prepared to have meat in the fridge (true story) let alone prepared to cook it for him. To be really honest the smell when cooking meat made me gag. But then I looked beyond myself and saw that his needs weren’t being met. Even still, he was doing all he could to make me meals that were vegan and even gluten free which isn’t all that easy for someone who cooks mostly meat and pasta/rice. It’s important that both parties needs are being met in any relationship and that goes across the board. Seeing my love enjoy a meal I’ve made gives me the utmost satisfaction and makes my heart swell a little.

COOK TOGETHERjacket potatoes a la kenty
Now if I’m going to be totally transparent this doesn’t always work for us. More often than not one of us is lovingly kicked out of the kitchen. But that’s not for a lack of trying!! He’s training to be a chef and becoming quite the snob in the kitchen and I’m a holistic health foodie who sometimes thinks she knows it all! We’re bound to butt heads sometimes. It’s not always going to work having both people in the kitchen but sometimes (especially when we have designated jobs) it works and those are the best meals ever! Try it. Maybe you’ll be surprised at how well you work together! Maybe designated tasks could work for you. Maybe you create something otherwise thought impossible!

Now go forth and create something delicious!

Oodles of love


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