Wintertime Makes More Reasons To Juice!


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, all of the reasons to juice! How fabulous juicing is! There are definitely

Feeling much better today but in an effort to totally nip it in the bud I made a shot of ginger, garlic, turmeric chili and black pepper with an orange, lime and ginger chaser. I highly doubt I'll be making that shot again since I almost passed out but on the other hand I know the seasonal cold bug is dead and gone. The chaser juice was lovely too. Saved it after the immediate "I'm going to pass out/throw up/die" feelings I had post shot. As someone who does ginger shots on the regular and garlic and ginger shots when a little sick, this shot is definitely not for the faint hearted! Nature's remedies are totally bad ass. Plus I'll be back to my healthy feeling self by the end of the day. #hardcorehealth #ifyouthinkyourbadenough #donttrythisathome #shot #notforyourtequilashooters #feelingfineinnotime #health #natural #wellness #notyourtimeflu #gottoomuchtodo #vegan #makeyourown #myinsidesareonfire #gingerisamofo #ginger #garlic #turmeric #chili #juice #activateyourimmunesystem #holymotherofgreyskull #naturesbest #natureknows #neveragain #projectlovemybody #getajuicer #cantgetthatshitinastore #superfoods

many reasons to juice! It’s like an injection of energy and vitamins! I love it!

Since it’s winter time (YAY!) that also means that some of you might have a tendency to get sick. Did you know the whole of winter is known as a cold and flu season, not only when the seasons change?

There are many ways to help build up your immune system naturally. Juicing can give you a concentrated glass of goodness to help you with that. Here are a couple of tips to help you along with knowing what to juice to help our body to protect itself.

Garlic: It doesn’t just ward off vampires! Garlic is packed with anti-septic, anti-fungal and nutritional properties which will help you to fight bacterial and viral infections. Garlic is dense in B1, B6, vitamin C and iron too. You can put garlic in your juices, one clove in 2/3 of a litre of juice will go undetected, any more than that and you’ll have a slight tinge of garlic on your tastebuds. The juice itself will do wonders for your insides. It’s well worth tasting for a few seconds.

Ginger: There are many many traditions that swear by ginger in the diet. It is known to clear out toxins in the organs, particularly the lungs. It also warms the body. Making ginger tea excellent during winter. Add ginger to your meals and also your juices!

Oregano oil: Not only is it excellent for your gut, it is also a wonderful immune booster.

Broccoli, dandelion leaves, lime, ginger, garlic, pineapple and kiwi. Delish!! @love_ur_insides

Cruciferous veggies: Also known as super vegetables, they are members of the cabbage family. These vegetables in particular help the liver to flush out toxins therefore supporting immune function. Members of this family include kale, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and brussels sprouts. Yum!

Vitamin C: A natural antioxidant, it can also act as a natural antihistamine if you do catch a cold. You can find vitamin C in many fruits and veggies, in garlic too. Some vitamin C rich foods include Kale and dark leafy greens, black currants, broccoli, chillies, kiwi fruits and strawberries.

This one might not be great for the juicer but it’s an excellent addition to your diet. Japanese mushrooms: Oyster, shiitake or enoki, Japanese mushrooms contain a very powerful anti oxidant called ergothioneine.

Happy happy juicing beautiful readers! I hope this helps you to stay warm and flu free this season!
Sending out oodles of love and light.
C. xox

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