Place your hands on your Wombspace. Take a slow, deep inhale.
As you exhale, bring awareness into your Wombspace.
Take another breath, this time as you breathe in, visualize golden light pouring into your crown and down into your Womb. See this light envelop your body and fill your Wombspace with golden, energizing, loving energy.
Exhale and take a moment to be.
Continue to breathe, maintaining awareness of your Wombspace.
What does she feel? Does she have anything to say?

Womb Connection with Clare Kenty

Welcome to The
Womb Connection

When I refer to the Womb or the Wombspace I am referring to the energetic centre of consciousness, the portal that connects us to all that is. Journeying into this space gives us access to the deepest parts of ourselves. The Wombspace is the source of our creative power, our consciousness, intuition and wisdom. It’s what connects us to those who came before us and those we may birth. It’s the portal to our sacredness, our divine feminine magic.

Working with our Womb and the energy there can connect us to our wounds and our pain. As this energy interacts with all other levels of self (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), it gives us the opportunity for profound healing and transformation.

The Womb Connection focuses on connecting you to your Wombspace. It guides you in nurturing your relationship with self, releasing what no longer serves, healing wounds and clearing the path to creative power.

  • We, the Womb Connection community explore the shadow and the void, we see strength in vulnerability and power in our emotions.
  • We sound without regard, gather in sisterhood, celebrate courage in the face of fear, hold space for our experiences and honour all of the process.
  • We commune with the elements, give thanks to those who came before us and consult our guides, angels and ancestors.

    We honour our wholeness, celebrate our magic and awaken our purpose.

Note: The Wombspace (Womb) refers to the energetic center and consciousness in the sexual organs and the physical womb. If you no longer have the physical organs, the energetic center remains. For clarification purposes, although the two physical locations coincide, I am not speaking of the sacral chakra when I speak of the Wombspace.

Be Part Of The Womb Connection Community!

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My commitment to the
Womb Connection community

  • To hold sacred, safe, non-judgemental space where we can show up as we are.
  • To create experiences that support you as you go deeper into your healing growth and evolution through the Wombspace. 
  • To honour your shadow and your light.
  • To offer individualized Womb Connection programs for a deep and personally transformative experience.
  • To support the community’s growth towards a collective of empowered Goddesses, functioning from a place of divine strength, creative power, wholeness and unconditional love for self and humanity.
  • To celebrate the divine feminine in all of her phases and elements.