How much Body Love do you have in your life?

What does Body Love look like to you?



For some, body love means staying away from social media that depicts a negative image about bodies that are not slim or thin. For others body love is treating their body with love and respect, learning to love rather than define, judge or critique. To other people, body love means indulging in all the sensations the body has and playing with them. To me, loving my body is about appreciating all the things it does to carry me through life and giving it what it needs (whether that is rest, movement or a big juicy bowl of my love’s home made pasta, guilt free).


How do you define beauty?

What does your relationship with your body look like?

What stops us from feeling awesome about our bodies?


These are just a few of the questions we will be exploring when we gather for the WW101 Body Love Workshop.

This Womb Wellness 101 workshop is the product of conversations with the participants of WW101 and our community. How many of us love our bodies totally? How many of us are amazed by all of the magical things our bodies do every moment of every day? Our bodies regenerate, they feel and create, they function and they work, even when we’re not. They’re amazing!

Together, we will be sharing our experiences, exploring the topic and learning tools and techniques that we can incorporate into our daily lives to improve our relationships with our bodies.



During the workshop we will:

  • Share and connect with others in an honest, safe and judgement free space
  • Hold space for one another (read about holding space here)
  • Define what beauty is for ourselves
  • Explore affirmative tools that you can use in your life going forward
  • Understand why advertising is meant to make us feel crappy about ourselves
  • Get present in your body
  • Practice some body loving, heart & womb opening yoga with Sam Warren
  • Shift and/or unblock energies in the body with Reiki
  • Learn to listen to and open up communication with the body
  • Celebrate the magic that our bodies are


This Body Love workshop is for you if you’re:

  • Open to exploring your relationship with your body
  • Finding it challenging to love your body
  • Wanting to celebrate your body and other bodies
  • Needing more body love in your life!
  • Ready to dive deeper into your connection with your body and your womb
  • Open to support and connection from a loving, judgement free community
  • Open to learning some tools that may improve your relationship with your body
  • Ready to celebrate the magic that we are!


Body Love

Photos of/by Ericka Hart (#1) & The Bralette Boutique (#2, #3).


When: September 16th, 2017. 10am-1pm.

Where: SheCoSystem. 703 Bloor Street West. See map.

Investment: $30. To register and secure your spot, please send an e-transfer to info@clarekenty.ca with the password “goddess” (all lowercase). I will respond via email with confirmation of your registration.

What to bring: Your gorgeous self, a yoga mat if you have it (there will be a few spares available), water to keep you hydrated, something to write with and something to write on.

What to wear: There will be movement in this workshop. You don’t need to wear your gym apparel but you do need to wear something comfortable that you can stretch and move in.


Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled in circle so that we are able to start promptly.


Any questions? Check out the FAQ page, if your question is not answered there drop me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions your have.


Want to connect with the Womb Wellness 101 community before we come together on September 16th? Join us in the WW101 Facebook Group. It’s a supportive, safe and loving space where we share ourselves and our womb wellness journeys.





connectAbout Clare Kenty

An Integrative Health Coach, Educator, Reiki Practitioner, Clare Kenty has been working with people from all walks of life for over 10 years. Applying a holistic approach and mindful coaching, Clare focuses on all components of life and works with clients to create a balanced, happy and healthy life.

 Clare’s own journey lead her down the path of womb healing and womb wellness. It was through her own journey that she saw a need in the community and in turn created the Womb Wellness 101 series. To read more about Clare and the work she does click here.




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